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We talked about asking questions which lead to perceiving possibilities out of which we choose one. The result of this choice is awareness which is the theme for this month. So what is awareness? If you look it up in the dictionary you will find "having knowledge" in most. Knowledge and awareness are not the same. For most people knowledge has to do with intellect, cognition, having learned an answer. Awareness is a knowing without there being an intellectual basis for the knowing. Awareness can also be on an energetic level which often does not even have words.

We are entrained to look for answers and an awareness can look like an answer, yet there is quite a difference between the two. An answer is based on what we know and nothing else is possible. With an awareness we have multiple possibilities from which we choose one. Another difference is that an answer is very solid and awareness is more like the touch of a feather.

How often have you known something or perceived something without there being a cognitive basis? How often are you discounting your awareness as a result of it? I have done it quite a bit. Here is an interesting "set of Russian dolls": we have an awareness we do not want to acknowledge - we 'translate' it into a feeling - the feeling is still intense so we translate it into thoughts (how often do we go into thinking to avoid intense feelings?) - these thoughts solidify what we have been thinking about. The space that is available is becoming successively smaller. If you look at Russian dolls, the smallest one is usually solid. How much can you perceive from this small space? Could you perceive more from a bigger space?

During this month, I would invite you to pay attention to the times you have awareness of something. How do you deal with it? Do you acknowledge the awareness or push it aside? Play with this and, please, do not make yourself wrong for anything while playing with awareness. What you might label wrong is just another awareness. 

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or are interested in me covering a specific subject. The theme for April is money. Surprised?
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Heads Up
I have made a few changes to the workshop Awareness and Photography. Mark your calendar for a 3 day workshop in Georgia O'Keeffe country in mid May (Friday,15 - Sunday,17). Spring should be here by then. I will have registration open and all details by next month. The basic format will be: morning and late afternoon photography; theory and possibility of some editing of images during the day and a some sharing of the images in the evening. We will have Abiquiu as the base and travel to different locations in the area for the shoots.

I am working on another workshop Communion with the Earth. Most of you are probably communicating with the earth / nature. Communion goes beyond that, is a more intimate, all-inclusive connection. Despite our best intentions, we have habits that, in the long run, are hurting the earth as well as us. During the workshop we will be looking at those behaviors or patterns we have and I will offer tools to stop them. What if we and everything that lives on the Earth can come out of survival into thrival? What if each one of us can actively contribute to this and to the Earth? 

The workshop will be a mix of conversation / teaching and spending time in nature using what we talked about. 


I am suggesting you read this book for 2 reasons: 
I keep pulling it out every so often to read again the one or the other chapter. There is so much information in it.
The other reason is that last month Dr. Dain Heer started another round of Google Hangouts based on the book. These are free possibilities to hear the thoughts of someone who has had a major impact on my life. 
Find out more about the hangout and register to get the reminder emails on his website.
Here is the link to the hangout from February (What if Change is your middle name?). Enjoy!

Here are some of my most recent images (top: dark eyed Juncos on a Chamisa I cut back since it was getting too tall, bottom: Coopers Hawk on the fence post):
All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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