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When I tell people about The Bars®, I usually get two questions: What are The Bars? and What are their benefits?

What are The Bars? They have nothing to do with the bars you go to to have a drink. :-)  I would call them energetic body work. All the thoughts feelings and emotions we have had throughout our life are stored in the brain as an electromagnetic imprint. There is 32 points on your head that correspond to areas of our life and the thoughts associated with that area are located there. When receiving The Bars, your brain waves slow down and, as a result, give you access to those areas to let go of the thoughts, feelings and emotions you no longer have the need to hold on to.

You could compare receiving The Bars to an overhaul of your computer. On your hard drive you have a lot, and I mean a lot of old, even ancient files. It has been a long time that you used any of them and they just clog up your hard drive. Might it be time to erase them so you can free up some space? And, while you are at it, you defrag the hard drive, install a new operating system and, may be, even install a faster CPU. Now your computer runs so much smoother and faster

That is what you can get when you receive a Bars session. For me, my mind is so much clearer after a session. I have more space and feel better. You can watch a video (the second one) about the results that the neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin found after an impromptu brain measurement. These results fascinated him so much that he did a full-blown study of The Bars and I am eagerly waiting for the publication of it.

The other usual questions are: Where do they come from? and Are they like Acupressure?

The founder of Access Consciousness as asked to do a channeled session for a massage therapist. He channeled what became The Bars in that session. So they are new.

Are they like Acupressure? No. There are a few points that are the same which does not make them the same. Also, there is no pressure applied; just a light touch and, if someone with a head trauma can not have the head touched, they can even be run off the head. Students report that they have more clarity during tests if they have their Bars run in the morning. Kids, in general, have an easier time to stay focused. I have heard that receiving the Bars has offered relief to veterans with PTSD.

Here are two links to blogs. The first one is a more in-depth explanation for the findings of Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, the other about The Bars themselves.

If you would like to experience them yourself, contact me if you live in the Santa Fe area. There are several possibilities for you. If you life somewhere else around the globe (Access Consciousness is in 173 countries) go to the Access Consciousness website, find your country and facilitators or practitioners there. Last, but not least a link to frequently asked questions about the Bars.

I re-purposed an older blog post for this newsletter. I have noticed in myself that I do not have much need to hold on to anything. I am allowing my points of view to change as my information changes. Recently, I had the awareness that having my Bars run over some years, this just effortlessly changed. AND I had been very opinionated; I knew what was right. Boy, what a difference!

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These past two weeks, I have been creating an online course with 3 tools to impact our relationship with money (I am still looking for a title). They are my favorite ones and I apply them in modified ways to many other areas in my life. 4 more videos to shoot and then to go through the process of uploading the power point presentation to my website. The course is free, so check back in a few weeks to see if it is available.

Simultaneously, I have been looking at which tools I use a lot in my life to make things easier on myself. I would like to email those to people so they can have more ease in their day to day life. I created a series of emails to which you have to subscribe to. When the series is finished, that's it. The link to receive these tools is on my website under Free Stuff.

Then, I am playing with all the ideas I have to create online courses. If there is a subject area you would like to have more information on, let me know. I might create something on its own or incorporate it. As I said last month, the remainder of the year is creation time for products.

I have been using a free version of a program to learn it. I plan on using it for 1 on 1 sessions with people. I like the fact that we can see each other like on Skype and I get an audio recording of the session I can send to the person. I remember the times when I would have liked the possibility to review a segment of a session again.



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