Creating Your Life 9/16
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I am participating in a year long program where we meet two times a month with the aim to change the relationship we have with our body. I wonder, do you judge your body or are you absolutely happy with the way your body looks, moves and the health you have?

In the first few sessions I learned so much, different and new points of view. I am beginning to implement them. They are so different from what I grew up with and what most people think about the body, the image they have of their body and how it functions. I am fascinated by the information. As far out as it may seem, there is something about it that feels utterly right for me.

Medical science tells us how much we should weigh. It's like one size fits all. If we are a bit different, the shaming starts, especially if you are a woman. Just look at the recent events during the Olympics. If you are more different, then harsh judgments start coming, not only about the way you look, but also about you, the person, in general.

What if you, the being, are not your body? What if the body has its own ideas of how it would like to look? What if all the judgments about how the body looks, from you and others, are interpreted by the body as commands to create itself to look that way?

In puberty, as my body changed, I received a lot of judgments from my mother. She forced me on diets she deemed right and healthy, later I dieted. Each time I lost weight, yet I never could keep it off. There are a lot of judgments, spoken and unspoken, that I have received over the years, that I internalized and locked into my body. It is time to let go of all that.

Judgments do not work to make me better in whatever area of my life. They only serve to make one feel bad about oneself and I am stopping it when I realize I am judging myself. Time to uncover the internalized, unconscious judgments and getting rid of them. 

I am curious as to what is changing as a result of this class. I will update you on any new insights I gain.

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Being You Adventures

Late August, I spent a week in the Bay Area, facilitating 4 Being You Adventures. How many of you just thought: what do you mean? Am I not me all the time, or at least most of the time? Hmmmm. Are You?

How many projections and expectations as to who we are or are supposed to be have we received over the time? How much have WE decided on who we are supposed to be, sometimes incorporating those projection, in some ways opposing them? No matter what, does that allow us to have choice of who we are being in every moment? That choice is exactly what Being You is all about.

In the classes, we dealt with the difference between the being and the body (what I talked about above), relationships and creating one's life, to name a few. The questions participants asked were wonderful and opened up a lot of conversation, allowing me to invite them to reflect on what is true for each one.

For me, each of the Being You Adventures, is an invitation to become me even more. No two classes are the same, every one is unique in its composition of participants, their questions and their willingness to to look at something from a completely different angle. This means I have to be fully present in order to perceive what is going on for each person. I am honored that the participants trust me enough to open up. I am delighted when they walk away with a new perspective that changes their life.


Creating my Life

I am desiring to create facilitating workshops in the USA and around the world. As a result, I am wondering if anyone would be interested or knows someone who might be interested to be a local host for a workshop. If this is the case, please contact me so we can talk about it. I can tell you what would be involved in hosting (besides getting paid).

There are the Being You Adventures. Additional overarching themes are: Creating Your Life (creating, relationships, family, money, business, body image) and Warriors for the Earth (relationship with the earth, environmental awareness, etc.)

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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