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Dear <<First Name>>

How were the Holidays for you? Did you spend time with family or friends? I spent them with my father and siblings in Germany. After all the changes I have created over the past year both in myself and in my life, it was both fascinating and frustrating to see how quickly I was pulled out of my world. Luckily, I had the contact to friends that helped me to get back into my world and provided an incredibly powerful learning experience.

I was sitting with the question of how to be the leader in my life and in the life of those around me. Now leader does not mean having or creating followers, it just means to stay true to you and go where you need to go. I really got how important it is to stay in the question to be a leader. And I saw how limiting the world of fixed points of view, of conclusions is. There are only those possibilities that fit within the point of view or the conclusion. Everything else is rejected. It is sort of like in the old days when you would look up a library book by going into the card catalog. What was not in there was not available; plain and simple.

Is that also true for how you create your life? Are you able or willing to perceive possibilities that go beyond that "card catalog"? I get it how difficult that is. I know how often I wonder what is beyond, what else is possible. Instead of wondering, I have begun to ask exactly that question. Slowly things are showing up, not necessarily in physical form, yet I can perceive the energy and I get excited about it, asking even more: What else is possible? What else can I create? Every choice I make today creates my tomorrow.

In order to increase the possibilities, I also look at what I am not willing to be / do. If I am not willing to be / do something, that is no longer a choice that is available to me. What do I mean with this? Something simple: Let's say I am not willing to lie. That means if a lie would create something greater for everybody, I can not choose it. I am also not able to perceive a lie in someone else since I defend against that energy. Being willing to lie, on the other hand, does not mean I have to lie. It is a choice I have.

Would you be willing to have a look at what energies you are refusing? Being infinite beings, we have lived thousands of life times and done pretty much everything over time. Having done it and realizing what it creates, we have come to judgments about it. Yet, being willing to do it, would allow you to extend that energy towards someone which might change much in both your and the other person's life without having to do the physical deed.

What are you choosing for 2016? Will you stay in the comfort zone that you have created or will you be willing to step outside of it and create change?

My best wishes to all of you for a wonderful year!
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I have a new book out: A Different World: perceiving possibilities is a compilation of 29 of my mandala like images and thoughts of how the world could be different. For the time being, it is available as an e-book through FastSpring for the cost of $15. I have some reviews on my website and will add any additional ones as they come in. I am in the process of working with a different printer (the quality of the print by the first one was not acceptable to me) and hope to have a print version out before the end of the month.

My Upcoming Classes

Money, oh money:
Would you like to start out the new year with less worries about money? The course is offered as a tele-call on Tuesday evenings (starting 1/12) and as a live group for those in the Santa Fe area on Thursday evenings (starting 1/14). We will look at the belief systems and points of view we have that limit us in how much money we can make or have. For more information and to register go to my website under 'Creating Your Life'. Either one is $100. I am using a workbook (How to become Money) that I ask participants to order in time.

Tools for Living:
This call will take place on Saturday, 1/16 at 6pm. I am finding that asking questions is one of the most powerful tools. We will look into it and I will answer any questions participants have. The investment in you is $20 and you will get the recording of the call. For more information and to register go to my website under Tools for Living

Body Process classes:
I am offering two Body Process classes in January:
Saturday, 1/23 at 9am Biomimetic Mimicry (undoing all the ways in which we mimic others and as a result limit ourselves.
Saturday, 1/23 at 2pm Restoration of infinite flexibility (This process can undo the stiffness and lack of flexibility that our bodies take on.)
For more information and to register go to my website.

For those who would like to have personal sessions (talk possible via Skype - Bars and Body Processes only live) I have a New Year offer. Buy 5 sessions between January 10th and 25th and pay only for 3 sessions. The investment in yourself and / or your body is $450.

Preview for February:
On Saturday, 2/6 at 6pm, I plan on holding a tele-call: Introduction to Access Consciousness®. On Saturday, 2/20 I am planning on 2 Body Process classes. 9am MTVSS to boost your immune system and 2pm Causal Incarceration.


My Photography:

On December 10th, I was in Mesa Verde for their annual Luminaria. Being in luck, they were lighting Cliff Palace as the lead in for 100 years National Park Service which is celebrated this year. The above is one of the images I brought home with me.

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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