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Let's continue with the exploration of the "Kingdom of We". I invite you to ponder the following question: How are you when you are with
  • your spouse and / or children
  • friends
  • a group of strangers
  • someone who attacks you verbally
Most likely the answer to the last one was somewhere along the lines of defending oneself verbally or 'disappearing'. What if you become completely vulnerable? Seems like totally crazy, doesn't it? Until some weeks ago, I would have thought that too, when I saw a demonstration by someone. It makes it difficult to keep up the 'attack' if the barriers are lowered.

Being fully present and vulnerable in all the above situation makes actually for a deeper connection to the others. You 'receive' them, see them for who they truly are. Isn't that different from how we usually are present with others. How would your world change if you would be that way? How would the world of others change if you are that way?

I am practicing that. I know full well that there will be moments when my barriers come up. And I know that, once I become aware of that happening, I can make the choice to lower them again. Life will be more intense and also richer for it. The experience I have with lowering my defenses is that people approach me and I am more willing to be fully present. Will you too make the choice to be vulnerable? I would love to hear your experiences.
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.  Anais Nin

Book Recommendation:

I have known Marilyn Bradford for over a year now and have much respect for her views about addiction. She just published a book, Right Recovery for You, that I would like to recommend to you. Usually, when we hear the word addiction we think about addiction to substances. Yet what about addiction to behaviors, ways of thinking. Check out this book and find out for yourself how much you could change in your life.
Being You
I invite you to watch this video. Its about the impact the re-introductions of wolves had and has on the landscape of Yellowstone. Afterwards, I would like you to think about this: How much are you like the wolves in your world? How much do you change things around you by being who you truly are? The wolves are just themselves. They don't try to fit into somebody else's idea of who they should be.
If you live in the Santa Fe area, I would like to give you a heads up: I will have an introduction to Being You on Friday, April 25 at 7pm. It's free of charge. I hope I'll see you then.

Tool of the Month

Do you believe that somebody knows more about your life than you? We are told what kinds of food to eat; how much to eat; what are good supplements to have; how often to go to the doctor; etc. What do you know when you listen to your body? We are told so much about how to live our lives regarding work, vacation, stress, illness, mental health, etc. It's as if one size fits all. Are you like everyone else or are you you? How might your life change if you would be willing to ask questions about all aspects of life and find out what works for you? If you do, you could feel better and be happier.


Are you familiar with Google Hangout? I would like to offer some and have a conversation about subjects that are of interest to you. The beauty of the 'Hangouts' is that they are recorded and available on You Tube afterwards.

It takes some planning, so I am asking for your contribution: Would you send me questions you have in areas of your life. Initial themes I am thinking of are: relationship, money and health. What would you like to talk about? I can have a few 'guests', so let me know if this would be of interest to you and what you could contribute tot he conversation.
 All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory! ®
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