Creating Your Life 7/16
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Dear <<First Name>>

This month, I would like to talk about backdoor. In your house, a backdoor allows you to get out of the house, sometimes its your way of sneaking out. Now my question is: How many backdoor do you have in your life?

Whhaat? Backdoors in my life??!! What do you mean? I don't have any backdoor! Hmmm!

A while ago, this is a question that came up in Access Consciousness. I had the above reaction AND I stayed with the question. This meant visiting the subject every once in a while. You know what I discovered? I had plenty of backdoor. More than I cared to have. I have closed the ones I became aware of and, today, I wonder how many I still have open.

So what do I mean with having a backdoor? It's your way of checking out of our life when things don't go the way you want them to go. Every one has them and they are all different, based on personal choices we've made. Some people check out by no longer participating in their life, by stopping to create their life; others may do it literally through illness and death. In either form it is dome mostly unconsciously.

I had stepped out through a backdoor by making my world ever smaller, less and less travel, less photography, less interaction with others. I do not know where I would be today if it were not for an intervention by Dr. Dain Heer in a class I was taking. I still continued doing things that were not a contribution to my life, yet they allowed me to look busy and productive. Today, I make demands of myself to create things I desire, to change things that do not work for me.

Changing pace, shifting focus, doing something that is fun for you, that's not leaving through a backdoor. Closing your backdoor is also committing to YOUR life. No more excuses, no more regrets, no more shrinking back because someone judges or criticizes you, no more playing small and not acknowledging the greatness you are, the miracle you are.

I invite you to look at your life and see if or where you have a backdoor, where you are not fully committed to your life. It is a different way of being in life; where I actively create it, and one that is so much more exciting, at least from my perspective.

Celebrate your independence

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My Upcoming classes

Per request, I am offering the life series of classes as a call series. The first call about the basic tools was in June. The remaining 5 will be in July. Come find out a different way to look at various aspects of life: money, business, relationship etc. There is more information on my website and a Facebook event I created. The calls are on Tuesday evenings at 7pm MDT.

For those in the Santa Fe area, I will have a 2 part workshop on Ending Judgment. We will look at what judgment really is, all the various forms, the effects of judgment and ways to stop it, both the judgment of self and others. Meeting 1 is on Monday, July 4th at 6:30pm and the other on Monday, July 11th also at 6:30pm. Registration is on the page workshop on my website under the tab Tools for Living.

I will be facilitating two Being You Adventures in Fort Collins, CO. In Friday, July 15th at 6:30pm it is the Evening Adventure and then on Saturday the One Day Adventure with the theme of 'Communion with the Earth'. I am so looking forward to these event. We have found a beautiful venue with an outdoor area which I plan on using for some experiential exercises. Information, address and registration are on my website.
On Saturday, July 22nd, I am facilitating a Being You Adventure in Los Alamos from 12 noon to about 2:30pm. I am looking forward to see my friends there.

I am working of a tour of the Bay Area around mid August with a series of Evening Adventures. I will post them on my website as soon as the locations and dates are set. 



A heads up: On Thursday, July 7th at noon MDT a bookclub starts. Donnielle Carter contributed to the book "Right Body for You". She is leading the club meetings with focusing on a chapter each time.

The event is free. You'll have to register, though, so you can get the call information and the recordings.

I am looking forward to be part of it. Join if you have any judgments of your body, anything with it you would like to change. Donnielle travels the world to teach classes based on the book.



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