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Last month, I went to my first Access Consciousness 7 Day event. It is quite an experience to be together with about 140 people that all look to create more and have the theme of "Possibilities Beyond"; incredibly rich conversations, delicious meals with the view of a volcano, sunshine and downpours,  The founder facilitates these courses; he looks without judgment at what is and from such a different vantage point that it expanded again my perceptions and changed how I am in the world. People are different with me compared to before.

Yet, there are no words for me to describe the overall difference, I am just energetically aware of it. How would you describe it if your energy changes? You can only perceive it. I wake up each morning with such a gratitude for being alive, for the new day, for the chance to create something, for the earth and her contribution to me. People ask me how I am different when I tell them that I have been changing since working with the tools of Access. I change with every class I take.

All my attempts to describe felt minute and pale relative to the full picture. So I have been sitting with the question of how best to describe it. Here is what I came up with: Take yourself; how much are you the product of your surroundings, your parents, teachers, family members, friends? How much have their opinions and the ideas expressed in our society shaped you? Who would you be if you began to strip all that away? Would you be who you truly are? How different would that be? That's how I have changed. I am stripping more and more of the stories I accepted and that are not true for me, more and more of all the should's and have to's. As a result I have more of me, which also means I see the world very differently. Is that something you would like for yourself? It's a choice you can make. To start, I invite you to contemplate the Tidbits of Consciousness I have below. Have fun. Consciousness is about being joyful, not serious.
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The volcano Arenal
in Costa Rica
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Tidbits of Consciousness

This is a new part of the newsletter, the result of a friend's comment. On my personal as well as business Facebook pages, I have the Question of the Day that I post. This will go a bit more into details, food for thought.

There is no right or wrong way to answer these questions, only what's true for you.


Have you made trauma and drama the source of creation?
How much trauma and drama do we have in our lives? It seems that this is the only acceptable way to have or experience intensity. Is that true? In what other ways could you / do you experience intensity? How much do we have intensity associated with creating something? Or does creation come from awareness?

Can you perceive possibilities beyond what is commonly deemed possible?
Are you willing to go there?

What would happen if you were out of control, out of definition, out of limitation, out of concentricities, and out of form, structure, and significance with you, with your business, and with your life? In short, would you be willing to be indescribable and undefinable?
If you are, you would no longer fit in. How does that sit in your world? How important is fitting in to you?

If you would like to have a conversation about this, let me know. With enough people interested, I'd be willing to create a conference call to make it happen.


Upcoming Workshops

Benevolent Leadership MeetUp group:

1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm. Join the group for detailed information.

Saturday, 11/14 Body Process classes

These 2 classes have no pre-requisites. Each one is about 4 hours. In the morning I teach a process that, among other things, boosts your immune system. In the afternoon, the process increases your connection to the earth so you are able to have an easier time to receive her contribution as well as contribute to her. For more information and to register go to my website and look under the tab Body Processes

Saturday, 12/5 at 9am Access The Bars®
Are the Holidays stressful for you? You might want to learn The Bars to help yourself and use your new knowledge to gift to your friends. To find out more and to register, go to my website and look under the tab Access Bars. I highly recommend you watch both videos, they'll give you so much information.


This is a book I can highly recommend. It seems to geared towards business people and that is such a misconception. Your life is your business. You are the leader in your life unless you have chosen to be a follower. And it applies to all areas of life, including your business. Check it out!

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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