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A Happy New Year to all of you!

Throughout December, I have been asking myself: How can these newsletters be a contribution to you? I am asking for your help. Would you to let me know what "themes" you would like me to touch on; what questions do you have? Please send me an email with that information. I will see what I can do.

I am excited and curious about this New Year. What can I create? How can I have this year be the best one I have ever had? These past few months, I have learned so much and my awareness is growing. I wake up happy and excited, looking forward to the day. I have many ideas. I write them down and then see which ones would like to be implemented. How is it for you? What are your desires for the New Year? Are you excited about them?  What will it take for them to become reality? What brings you joy? Are you aware that you are creating your life with every choice you make?

With our New Years resolutions we look for way to change something that does not work? What does it take to create change:
  • What it is we would like to change;
  • What is it that we really would like;
  • Get an sense of how the 'new' would feel (imagine it and sense the energy of it)
  • Don't go into the exact details how it is supposed to look (change happens often totally different from what we imagine. Also, it makes it a lot more difficult for the Universe to deliver something if you are very specific about it all)
  • Last but most importantly: We have to take action on it. (How often do we wait until we can see that whole enchilada, until everything is 'perfectly aligned' before we take the first step? It's like one would not leave the house for the trip to the mall until one know that all lights on the way will be green. This is insane, isn't it?)
Having said the above, I would like to propose a different way of looking at change. If you think about it, isn't it that we are looking for a different possibility? How do we find new possibilities - by letting go of our current points of view around the subject and asking questions. Does that change the energy? Isn't that more exciting and, therefore, fun?

Happy experimenting. Remember, no choice is forever. It can be changed at any given point in time. And, there are no mistakes, only new awareness and information which will help with the next choice.

Book Recommendation:

I like it how the Universe works :-) As I was contemplating which book to recommend, 'Right Body for You' came to mind. I had to chuckle about the timing with all the holiday feasting. And to top it off, she is offering a tele-call series titled "Your Body is talking. Are you listening" There are no pre-requisites, so anyone can participate

I know Donnielle. She is an amazing woman. The book is incredibly informative, especially if you do not subscribe to 'official' models of taking care of your body, of loosing weight, etc. It is full with information that works. As a result of reading this book, my relationship to my body is changing and my body is changing in response to it.
Creating Your Life
What is it you would like to create this year? Do you have any areas in your life where you would like change: relationship with yourself or with others, job, money, more ease, etc. What does it take to make a change? Are you interested in getting some tools that can support you in that endeavor? I have put together a series of 4 calls. Check it out if you are interested.


Tool of the Month

What would be if we stop judgment? Who do we judge the most? Isn't it ourselves (at least that was the case for me). I know, we call it being critical. Being critical does not include judgment???? What if, every time we think a thought or say something that is critical, that contains a judgment, we say STOP and see if there is a different way of seeing the situation. What if everything we judge ourselves for is, if looked at it differently, actually a strength of us. This way a "I am so stubborn!" could become a "Wow, I am so persistent!" How would that feel? Is that something you would like to practice this month? If you do, I would appreciate to hear about the "side effects' of it. Next month, I will share what changed for me as I began to have less judgment of myself and my body. (and no, it's not gone, it's better than it used to be)

Question of the day

You may have noticed that I have been posting a daily question on my FB page. I would like to try out and see how it is to send out a daily question to people. If you are interested to receive one via email, please subscribe to the list these will be sent to. It is free and I will not use the list for anything else nor do I share my lists with anybody.
 All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory! ®
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