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April is tax month. This means I chose as the theme for this month money. Do you like to pay taxes? Hmmm! Are you aware that this limits the money you can have? Here is an example: Let's say you do not like to pay any taxes. That means you can not make more money than what will give you $0 in taxes after everything is said and done. On the other end, the more money you make, the more possibilities for deductions you have; so you actually may not be paying so much in taxes as we would associate with a huge amount of income. What's your choice? make little or a lot of money?

Who would not like to change their money situation? What I am finding is that the points of view and beliefs we have around money play a big part in how much money we can have. - What does 'having money' mean to you? Are you willing to have money or are you spending it? - The other huge influence is our willingness to receive; simply put, if I am not willing to receive everything I can also not receive money, no matter in which form and from where. Do you know that, for instance, most lottery winners are financially at a similar level they were before winning in an average of 5 to 10 years. They were not truly willing to have a lot of money. (Just because I say I am willing to does not mean I truly am. This is something I had to find out in some areas of my life)

I am currently reading a great book and just came across an online class. Once I am done with both,  plan on having a tele-call: Scarcity or Prosperity: Which do you choose? and share what I have learned in both. With just the little bit I have read in the book, there are so many great ideas that I personally find incredibly helpful. When we say we would like to have money; do we really mean it? What tools are there to change our beliefs, our points of view? I mean really change them. I'll report

Here is a video about money that you might be interested in.

Here is the link to a presentation on money titled "Right Riches for You" by Curry Glassell. Enjoy watching and experiment with the tools she offers.
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My upcoming classes and Workshops

April looks like to be a full month.
For those in the Santa Fe area, there is a weekly Bars trade. Being gone for most of March, I did not get to participate and, I have to say, I miss having them run every week. I feel so much better. Here is what the well known neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin had to say about the Bars. 

Bars® class: Saturday, April 18th in Santa Fe You can read more, watch some informative videos and register if you so desire on my website. (This class is a pre-requisite for a class I will be life streaming in May - only recommended if you would like to have a richer life with more fun that you can imagine) After taking the class you can not only participate in the weekly trades, but also run the Bars on others and get paid. 

Tools for Consciousness: this is an intro class on Friday, 4/10 at 6:30pm in Santa Fe, the theme is Body and we will watch a recording of a class. This event is free and you may learn some tools to start having a relationship with your body where you can begin to make changes with ease. Register for it on my website (it helps to know how many people to expect since I bring some snacks)

Preview for May:
5/6 - 9:  Foundation and Level 1 live streamed class

5/15 - 17: Awareness and Photography; learn how to create images unique to you. Information and registration are on my website.
5/27 - 31: Communion With The Earth You can find out more about the class on my website and there will be a free tele-call on 5/12 at 6pm where you can ask questions.


This month's book recommendation, to stay with the theme, is "Money Isn't The Problem, you are". This book is choke full of interesting perspectives around money and full with tools you can use in your life to change your relationship with money.


Happy Easter

For those who enjoy my photography: I have been playing with an iPhone app called Tiny Planets. You can see some of the images on my Facebook page

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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