Creating Your Life 9/15
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"Dear <<First Name>>

August flew by with all the unpacking, deciding where to put what, sorting and letting go. Though it takes time, I really enjoy the fact that I am creating my life anew. Often, in the morning, I ask: What can I create today? or What can I be / do that will add to my life?

Two years ago, I let go of my dining set. A good week ago, I went shopping for one and, in the first store, found something that just excited me. When I sit at the table now or look at it when I come in the door, it feels so rich and expansive.

The sensation of a choice being expansive is what is guiding me. I do not like the sense of being contracted at all. So I check in and ask questions before making a choice. I know, you have heard me talk about asking a question before. It makes such a difference. Intellectually I may decide on something and it may make a lot of sense. Yet if I can not get a sense of it being expansive, I do not choose it. I will ask questions until I have an awareness of what will be expansive, contribute and create more.

Beginning October, I am hosting an international, dynamic and empowering workshop leader from Canada. Create Your Life, As If By Magic is the title of the workshop. Some may go "Magic does not exists". Really? I know magic exists. I have too many magical experiences. And yes, it requires some letting go of beliefs that are limiting. .... You would not want to do that for what reason?  ........ Not having what one would like really is not that much fun. For the past 20 years, I have lived my life on my terms and,
in the past few years, it has expanded more and more using the tools I have learned. You will go home with a great set of tools you can apply any moment you choose to. So what do you have to loose, unless you do not want to gain more in your life.

One of the tools is communicating with my body, asking it what it would like and what it needs. The body process I have learned through Access Consciousness are so helpful in that area. I have a number of Body Process classes that I will be teaching. We lock our experiences into our bodies. Unless we help the body release that, we will continue to be triggered by things. Or we can support our body's immune system through a process. Check it out below and on my website.

Another tool I use regularly and as often as I can is having my Bars run. Both the Bars and Body Processes allow so much more ease in changing things. You want the monkey mind to stop, get you Bars run. You want to change thought patterns, get your Bars run. I will be teaching a Bars class in Santa Fe in October. Also, I am open to travel if someone would like to host me. Contact me so we can talk about what would be involved in hosting.

Later in the month, I will be starting a group live in Santa Fe and another online that is looking at 'Leadership Skills for Tomorrow'. The world is changing at such a rapid pace that what was working today is no longer tomorrow and, if we do not change, we may soon reach a point where the earth is no longer supporting us. In this group, we will look at what is needed and how we can become the leaders not only in our own lives, but also in the businesses we have or the communities we are part of. Let me know if you are interested in this. I am working on a detailed write up and will create registration links for the live and the online group. The question I have is: A Facebook group for each of the groups or one for all. It might be a richer conversation if all are together. What do you think? I will send you an invitation to check it out once it is ready.

And there is more in the works. See the updates in the next newsletter. For this one, I have a Special Offer. You can book a single session (phone or in person) for the starkly reduced price of $50 or you can invest in yourself for 5 sessions at half off the regular price. It is my way of celebrating my move to Santa Fe and is has to be booked by September 15th. Contact me if you have any questions or to book.

My Website
My Website
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My Upcoming classes:

Body Process classes:
Saturday, 9/26 9am - 1pm  Elimination & Eradication of Autoresponder Systems
                        2pm - 6pm  Patterns of Disharmony

Access The Bars:
Saturday, 10/10 9am - 6pm 
 with a lunch break

More information and registration for these classes is on my website


For those in the Santa Fe area:

I am letting go of a lot of the frames I have. If you would like to get one(s) for about 50% off the regular price, let me know.

Also, I will be selling my matted prints and note cards for a reduced price in order to create space. Let me know if you are interested and would like to receive a notification, please drop me a note so I can include you in an announcement.

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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