Creating Your Life 12/15
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Dear <<First Name>>

Before writing a newsletter, I wonder what to write about, what would be the theme for that month. Sometimes it is easy and 'obvious', other times I have to sit with that question for a while, allowing thoughts to flow through until one catches, like this time.

December, last month of the year, eventually there are the New Year's resolutions for many. ..... I can almost hear a groan now. Don't worry, I am using it as an invitation to look at something you might not even be aware of. Are you committed to your life or do you have a back door? Whaaaat????

Sit with it for a moment. Am I committed to my life? What the heck does that mean? All of us have dreams, have ideas of what we would like to do with our life. Are we doing it or is it just an idea that gets sidelined by the events of what happens around us? 

I know the place well, I have been there for most of my life. And yes, there was the one or the other point where I made choices that created my going in a certain direction. It was never that I really sat down and looked at how I would like my life to be until a few years ago. Even then, I got sidelined by events. That is what NOT being committed to one's life looks like. It changed this summer when I said: Enough, this changes! and I began to make choices, asking what my life would look like in 5 years with each choice I made. For the first time, I am ready to do whatever it takes to make my 'dreams' come true.

I became cognitively aware of this when I looked at closing all the back doors I have, known and yet unknown. What are back doors? That could be the decision to make everything else more important than you and your life, that could be saying if this does not work the way I intend it to then I'll check out and just drift along or check out in the sense of kill myself or anything in between. You get the idea.

With that commitment and putting the request for anything that is required out to the Universe, it does contribute. Being willing to trust the Universe, perceiving energetically the contribution that is already coming the moment the request is voiced and letting go of any preconceived notions about when and how this has to show up are necessary, as well as taking action, doing what has to be done. I am collaborating with the Universe to create my life the way I desire it to be.

Some things are available immediately since all they require is a choice. I can choose to be happy, to experience joy, gratitude, peace. There is nothing outside of me that is necessary for that. I have chosen to have more intensity in my life (instead of almost flatlining the intensity) and the result is that it seems that my heart is bursting when seeing the beauty of Nature around me, when experiencing gratitude that just comes as if out of nowhere. I got how much the intensity in my life has increased in the past few months when a friend kept asking me if I was stressed and I told her I was not. I sat with her question, though, and suddenly realized that she interpreted the intensity I have now as me being stressed. I am aware that someone could take that and say, I have to tone down things in my life. I am enjoying it and am looking if I can turn it up even more. It's BEING ALIVE.

Is that something you would like to have next year? Is that a possible New Years resolution? What choices would you have to make to have it? Sitting with these questions will give you a running start on the next year and what a year it could be. It also would mean that you are willing to be different than others since for most people trauma and drama provide the intensity, not joy and happiness.

My wish to you for Happy Holidays and New Year

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My Upcoming classes

There are no more classes planned for December.

How to become Money
This will be a tele class, which means it does not matter where you live. It is a series of 5 calls starting on January 12th, at 6pm MT. Due to my calendar, the next call will be a week later. The remaining 3 calls will be 2 weeks apart with the last on being on March 1st, all at the same time. This way you have time to work with the information before the next call. I will record the calls and send the recordings to all participants.
If there are people in the Santa Fe area who would like to meet live, please let me know and I will look at possible dates and times.

Tools for Living
This is another tele-call on Saturday, January 16th at 6pm MT. This is a 2 hour introduction to some tools of Access Consciousness® that create more ease in your life.

You will find more information for both classes on my website. Check out the tabs "Tools for Living" and "Creating Your Life". There will also be a link for registration. 

Body Process Classes:
Saturday, January 23rd I will teach 2 Body Process classes. In the morning, 9am - 1pm I will teach Biomimetic Mimicry and in the afternoon, 2pm - 6pm Patterns of Disharmony. For more information and to register go to my website.

Please give me a week or two to get the posts up. In the moment, I have a full plate. (You will understand why next month.)


All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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