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How was May for you? For me, it was incredible. Early in the month, I took again Foundation and Level 1. It was my 5th one. Every single one is different from the previous, goes much deeper. You might wonder why this is so. If the participants co-create the class it makes sense, doesn't it. You have a different mix of people. Even the ones that came the previous year are in such a different space with all the changes that are going on. This influences the questions that are asked, which in turn influences where the class is going. The facilitators Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer follow the energy, not a book. That's quite a different way of teaching a class. I live streamed it from Australia which meant the class started around 5pm and went to about 2am. The other thing that impresses me is the simultaneous translations (this one had the requests for 4 different languages). That is a valuable service for those who are not so fluent in English.

Last month, I talked a bit about the Bowmans (did you get to watch any of the Google Hangouts or any of the other videos I have in that playlist?) and that we need to change the way business is done. Access is an example. 2 years ago it was in 49 countries, now it is in 171 countries out of 194. Classes are held where the greatest change for the people and the world can be created, not necessarily where the most people involved in Access are living. (other than usual criteria are the basis for decision making) I find that people are willing to contribute to each other and to go beyond what this reality says can be done. If you look at it, that is also the attitude of all those that invented something. They perceived a possibility and were not willing to stay within the box of their time, rather explore what else might be possible. That question allows for magic being created and brings an aliveness into one's live and living.

What excites you? What makes you forget about time and food and sleep and ....? Are you aware that choice creates? Every single choice you make creates your future. What would you like YOUR future to be like? Sit with that question and feel the energy of the different aspects you would like to have as your life. Where would you like to live? Don't describe the location or the house, rather feel the energy and what that place would contribute to you. What kind of work would you like to do? How much money would you like to have? No answers, just feel the energy of this being part of your life. Let the overall energy be a guide for your choices.

Here we are again with asking questions. Asking questions creates awareness. Awareness leads to choices which lead again to more awareness and they create. Intellectually I have understood that since hearing it the first time. Yet understanding it intellectually is such a small part of what it actually 'says' and does. Are you willing to perceive the energy of it? Just  a month ago, I became aware that it is that willingness that created the changes I have been experiencing since the beginning of the year. There was a fundamental shift. And, I am excited to explore this even more, learning to be in communion with everything around me. That's where magic happens. Deep down inside, who of you would not like to be able to make magic? Truth?

Should you choose to, have fun exploring the question: What would I like my life to be like? You just might end up creating exactly that. How cool would that be?

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The image to the left is one of my multiple exposures taken at sunrise. I found it fits the theme.

Upcoming classes

Wednesdays 5:30pm: Access Bars® trades in Santa Fe. If you have not yet taken a Bars class, I can highly recommend it. At the least, you will experience deep relaxation and the 'monkey mind' will become quiet. My friend Laurie Stansbury will be teaching a class in Albuquerque on June 6th. My friends Alex Corio and Kathy White teach one in Santa Fe on June 28th and June 30th respectively. If you have any questions about the Bars, you can call a facilitator, read the information on my website or you can start reading this blog entry.

Access Bars® Introduction: Friday, June 5th at 7pm in Santa Fe
I will again show the video where Dr. Jeffrey Fannin reports his findings of an impromptu brain measurement of a person before and after receiving the Bars. The results astounded even him who has been doing brain research for the past 15 years. He is setting up a study that can be published in a peer reviewed journal.

Brain health will be a multi billion dollar industry in the coming years. What if you could be ahead of the curve by learning the Bars, have that healthy brain and all the side effects like clearer thinking, relaxation, less monkey mind and others? Find out more by coming to the free presentation. Call me at 505-685-0978 to let me know you are coming.

Tools for Living: Friday June 12th at 6:30pm in Santa Fe
The theme for this one is Boost Your Confidence. We will look at what is in the way of being confident and explore how it shows up in our lives. We will clear as much as possible. You get tools to work with. Cost for the 2 hour class is $30. For more information and to register go to my website.

For those participating in the workshops and/or calls, I am offering to create a closed Facebook group to have a place to continue the conversation. Let me know if you would like an invitation.

Tools for Living Telecall: Tuesday June 16th at 6pm
The theme for the call is Basic Tools for Living. We will explore some basic tools that can be used on a daily basis. Cost for the 1.5 hour call is $20. For more information and to register go to my website.

Foundation and Level 1: Wednesday, July 1st through Saturday, July 4th from 9am to 6pm
I will be teaching the new class that has all the changes that were made in May. One of the reasons I take the class is so that I can deliver the best possible class for you knowing what's behind the changes. If you would like to become more aware of why your life is the way it is and you would like to change things so you can have more, than this is the class for you. In case, if there were any judgments that came up when you read the last sentence, then you really could use the class to clear it. For more information and to register go to my website. I will give it my best to end early on the 4th. The pre-requisite is the Bars class (see at the top of this section for possibilities to take one)


I am jumping and am planning to start a podcast this month, posting 15 - 20 min audio recordings to my website. For now, my aim is to post every other week (or more). I have come up with a few themes and really would appreciate your help. Is there any subject you would like to know more about? Are there any areas in your life you would like to change? Would you let me know please?

One of the body process I offer is the Energetic Facelift. It is an incredibly complex process and so it is required to have given a minimum number of sessions before one can teach it. I am almost there and am making a final push. In order to accomplish this, I am offering that session at a starkly reduced price of $25.
What would be the benefit of such a session? How much would you pay at a spa for a treatment to feel and look younger? This process can reverse the appearance of aging on the face in a very gentle and nurturing manner. Interested in giving it a try? Give me a call to book your appointment at 505-685-0978.

My Portrait Photography
How long has it been since you had your picture taken? Can people still recognize you because its been too many years? Are you shy in front of a camera? I can help with that. I do not have a studio, I travel to your home or place of work or any place outdoors in the Santa Fe area. Would you like your pet in the image? No problem. Would you like an image of your pet? I can do that too.
For the month of June, I am offering $100 off my portrait session price. You will get the full package for 30% off. Start the second half of this year with a new image for your business card, brochure or website or gift your family members or friends with a new image. As I said, I will help you forget that there is a camera. 


My Photography

A heads up for those in the Santa Fe area. I just dropped off 2 images for a show in Abiquiu. Opening reception is on June 5th from 5pm to 6pm at the new patio of the Abiquiu Inn. The show will run through the end of June. It might be a good excuse to come into the area which is so incredibly green with all the rains we've been having. Maybe you even bring your camera.

Recommended Reading

What is your relationship with your body? I mean you do have a body, so it might be a good idea to have a relationship with it, wouldn't it? Do you enjoy it? Do you hate it? Do you, like most people judge it? I have been there too and the sad thing is, you create that which you judge. Getting this, I have started to notice any changes I like and ask: What would it take to have more of this. I notice slow changes in that direction. Here are the links to a blog and to a book you might enjoy reading:


Embodiment: The Manual You Should Have Been Given When You Were Born

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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