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As little babies and toddlers, we learned much by mimicking others. And, without being aware of it, we continued it throughout our life. How many habits do you have that are a mimicry of what others do, belief, how they behave? Are you aware of them? Mostly, we have no idea that we are doing it.

Being willing to be fully present with everything, I have begun to become aware of where I am mimicking. I have to say it requires a lot of attention. I have found out that I am mimicking behaviors I judged stupid in others, behaviors and believes that I resisted or aligned with. The problem is that all of them are limiting me.

What do I mean with limiting? we make choices in life, every day. In order to make a choice, it would be nice to be able to see what possibilities are available. Only, if we resist something, align with something, mimic something, we can not see anything that is not within those parameters. Therefore, how much choice do we truly have? With Access Consciousness®, there are clearings and even an energetic body process available to eliminate them. It is a slow process, yet if you are willing to stick with it, the results are incredible. I have begun to become aware of so many places where I have been doing biomimetic mimicry.

If you would like to let go of it, I am available to offer a tele-call where we can explore the subject and do clearings. Let me know if that is something you are interested in.

Here is the link to an audio clip about biomimetic mimicry.
There is such an incredible amount of information in this book. The author did Google hangouts for 5 chapters of the book. I have them and other videos on my YouTube channel. Check it out for yourself!
Here is a audio link
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"To think different" requires
to constantly ask questions.
We tend to accept so many
things based on points of
views of others, news,
articles etc.
It requires people
to be willing to rely on their
knowledge, their ability to
what is true for them.

What would it take for you to
find out who you are by being
present with yourself, with your
choices instead of relying on
what others tell you who you are
supposed to be.

Change comes through those
who look at the world in a
different way, from a different
perspective. We are in need of
change of the current 'reality'.
Will you contribute by being
who you truly are.
I have found out that there is a non-profit organization called "Seeds of Peace". Later, making some changes on my website, I saw that I had typed Seeds of Change instead of Seeds of Peace in the Button. This made me think. Energetically, Seeds of Change is more in line with what I had as an aim for the call. We still can keep the part of the original vision to spend a few minutes in silence being the energy of peace. If this change is no longer in line with why you joined the call list, please feel free to unsubscribe. If this is an invitation for you, please join us.

My upcoming events:

Body Process class: Compensatory Drift:
Santa Fe, Saturday, 10/4 9am - 1pm. Please read the class  information and register on my website (tab: Access Body Processes.

Introduction to Access Consciousness®:
A telecall on Thursday, 10/9 at 6pm MDT
please register to receive the call information

Seeds of Change telecall:
Saturday 10/11 at 6pm and Saturday 10/25 at 10am
please register to receive the call information.

Awareness and Photography:
October 11 -13 We'll start at 8am on the first day.
Please read the class information on my website

October 18, 19 from 9am to about 6pm
Please read the class information on my website.

Level 1:
October 25, 26 from 9am to about 6pm
Please read the class information on my website.

2015 Calendar

Just a reminder that you have until November 1st to order the 2015 calendar. I will invoice you for $ 23 per calendar (includes shipping and handling) and mail them to you as soon as get them from the printer which should be late November.

You can view the calendar on my photography site. The images are in sequence: cover, January through December
Tool of the month: Questions

What does it mean to ask a question. There is question and there is question. So many of the questions we ask are actually not true questions, rather conclusions with a question mark attached.
Let me give you an example: What was I thinking? Say it out loud and perceive the energy that comes up. Can you feel what is inherent in the question? Can you hear that there is already a conclusion that the thinking was faulty?
Contrast that with the question: What else is possible? There is actually no specific answer to it. The question remains. There is an inherent sense of wonder, of curiosity. This is a question you can ask in any situation.

For the coming days observe what kind of questions you tend to ask. And please, do not judge yourself. The purpose is to become aware. Without that awareness nothing can be changed.

Here are some questions for you to play with and get you going:
    •    What else is possible here?
    •    How does it get any better than this?
    •    What is this?
    •    What can I do with this?
    •    Can I change it? If yes, how do I change it?

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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