Creating Your Life 2/15
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Once you ask a question, you can perceive different possibilities. So the next step is to make a choice. Choice is the theme for this month. There are many people who do not believe they have choice. They believe that life is predestined. There are those that are afraid to make a choice because they have been told that they have to make the right choice. How much judgment does it take to discern that it is the right choice? It makes is also scary to make a choice when you are stuck with it for the rest of your life. Now is all of that true?

What if a choice is good for only 10 seconds. For many, this sounds crazy. yet there is a reason to this seeming madness. First of all, it is to highlight that you can change your choice, that you are not stuck with it. You may make a choice and then realize that this is actually not working for you. So you change it or ask, How can I change this. If the choice involved another person or more, yes, you have to talk with them and see what can be changed. Surprise, surprise, it may also not work for them either.
If you are happy with the choice, you can sort of make the same one for another 10 seconds and another until you change your mind and choose something different.

As I already hinted at, choice creates an awareness. This means you go back to question: What do I have to do different to create a different outcome? Then you choose one of the possibilities you perceive. There are two questions that can shortcut the choice - awareness - question - possibility - choice cycle. Once you perceive possibilities, you can pick one and ask: What will my life be like in 5 years if I choose this? and What will my life be like in 5 years if I do not choose this? The energy coming up as a result of one of the questions will be lighter or more expansive and you can go from there.

I know this may sound complicated to some. Believe me, it is very fast and when you keep asking, you will get pretty quick and it takes no time at all. Choice is the step necessary to physically actualize something. Here is a joke that explains it:
You want to go to a store across town. You decide to sit in your car in the garage until everything is in perfect condition, every light will be green all the way to your destination. Will you ever be able to leave for the trip? Or will you need to make the choice to leave and drive until you get to the first stop light - which may be green or red.
This fictional story is a description of how a conscious world might look like.
I have read it now several times and have to say that each time has been taking me deeper.
I  recommend it highly.
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If you would like to get a front row seat to what is all happening in Access Consciousness and have the possibility to be on a call with Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness® and Dr. Dain Heer, his business partner, I can only recommend the Creative Edge of Consciousness I have been a member now for a year and thoroughly enjoyed the monthly calls, the videos, the clearings that allowed me to let go of things. Check it out for yourself.

Tamara Younker, also a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness® will be in town the end of the month. She will present A Taste of Access on 2/27 from 6:30pm - 9pm and The Five Elements of Intimacy  2/28 to 3/1 from 10am - 6pm.

"Discover how judgment creates as well as destroys connection in relationship, and dive deeply into the Five Elements of Intimacy; honor, trust, allowance, vulnerability and gratitude. Learn the pragmatic tools that will empower you to begin choosing and creating the intimacy you desire beyond the confines of everything you’ve learned is right about relationship." We are first and foremost in relationship with ourselves. From there we have relationships with others, including our customers. What new information can this class provide and how could that impact our businesses?

Classes and Workshops
Here is a quick overview of the classes, workshops and events I have in my office in Santa Fe. For those that are contemplating to take their very first class in Access, The Bars, please know that you are not left alone afterwards. There is a vibrant trade going on on Monday nights where we come together and trade Bars sessions with each other.

Tools for Consciousness 2/20 6:30pm  We will look at what consciousness is since I find there are so many and very different definitions of it. I will present some simple, yet incredibly effective tools that, when used, allow you to become more conscious. These tools applied to an area in your life create changes so it works better for you. P
lease register on my website 

The Bars®  2/21 9am - 6pm This is the first class in Access Consciousness and is hands on. I have quite a bit information about them on my website. Check it out there and you can also register there for the class.

Community News
Sorry, I had to basically disable the possibility to comment on posts on the website due to an inordinate amount of spam. I hope that in a few weeks I will be able to open it up again. In the meantime, please use the FB group to comment, share your insights and questions that are coming up. We are now a nice small group and I hope we'll grow even more this month. If you know someone who you think might be interested and benefit from joining, please invite them by giving them the link to the community website.

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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