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In past newsletters, I have talked about the Kingdom of We. Can you imagine how business would be different if this perspective would be applied there?

Chusita and Steven Bowma, come from that perspective. Their background is in business. Yet, in some way, isn't your life also like a business? You make choices that impact your financial situation. I quote from their book No More Business As Usual: "Just imagine what your business and your life would be like if you stopped functioning from auto pilot ........ This is truly possible - except you have to be willing to change." How much of our lives is on autopilot. We have been entrained to act in certain ways. We were told over and over what life is like. Is that really true, true for you? Or are there other possibilities? Possibilities we tend not to see because of the entrainment.

I am so thrilled to have the possibility to hear the Bowmans and Gary Douglas share their views and that for free. I have met them. All of them look at life in such a different way that is inviting for me. So how could we live our lives from a Kingdom of We perspective AND have ease, joy and wealth at the same time? What contribution can they be to me/us? And, it gives me hope, that the way business is done might change given the fact that Chusita and Steven Bowman train Boards.

Check out the information below under Google Hangout.

A heads up: I will be offering a free monthly tele-call with a focus on our relationship to and with the Earth. First call is Sunday, June 22nd at 9am MDT You get the call information when you register.

Book Recommendation:

Staying with the business theme, here are 2 books that I can highly recommend: "No More Business as Usual" is written by Steven and Chusita Bowman (see main article). The other, "Joy of Business", is written by Simone Milasas, who is the world wide coordinator for Access Consciousness, a business that is in 131 of 191 countries. Both offer unique and quite unusual perspectives on business.
A Virtual Community

Doing research on the internet for an idea I had, I stumbled across something that has grabbed me. There is software out there to create and maintain a virtual community! (Live and learn)  I am working on setting up a community site. (It is the most complex I have encountered up to date.) I will send out an announcement as soon as it is ready to "open the doors"

"Creating your life, a community that supports you in this" is the theme for this membership site. For the moment, I am planning on offering a monthly telecall, tools, inspiration and a place for conversation with each other, no matter the distance. What would you like to see offered if you joined such a community?

Tool of the Month

Here is a question you can ask yourself: What energy space and consciousness can I be to create my life the way I desire? See what energy comes up. It may not come up right away. Just keep repeating the question a few times during the day. Yes it is subtle and, staying in the question, I have become aware of so many things that I had been unable to figure out with my head.

With the above question, it might help to have an idea of how you would like your life to look like, not what others, the culture you live in, etc consider to be right, good or how it should be. So you might ask: What would I like my life to be like? Break it down into the different areas of your life (f.i. what kind of job would I like, what kind of relationship, etc) and get the energy, not a specific answer.

A Google Hangout

I have the dates on my calendar and look forward to listen to three people who see both life and business from a Kingdom of We perspective. Gary Douglas, Chusita and Steven Bowman will talk about how things could look like. To give you a taste of what to expect, have a look at this video. 

There will be one 60 min. hangout each month until December [July 17th, Aug. 21st, Sep. 24th (1 day earlier), Oct. 16th, Nov. 20th and Dec. 11th]

Register and enjoy the free information!
 All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory! ®
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