Creating Your Life 11/16
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Dear <<First Name>>

What are your thoughts about order?

What are your thoughts about chaos?

Wold you give the above some thought before you continue reading? Please!

What if we all had it completely wrong? Whaaat? Yes, what if, up to now, we all had it completely wrong?

You heard me talk about going beyond limitations? Yes? 
You know that magic is not possible? Or is it? And I am not talking about magic tricks. I am talking about true magic, about miracles.

What if our belief that there has to be order, that the universe is ordered, is what is creating the limitations? How does that land in your world?

Consciousness and awareness have nothing to do with order and everything with chaos. Chaos is the creative force in the universe.  

Consciousness includes everything. So it is not that order as a sudden is bad and chaos is good. Both just are. And each one has certain effects. What do I mean with that? You can create at any time, even in limitation. Only the choices for creation, the expansiveness of a creation is limited by order. You can only create what is within the framework of that order; nothing that is outside of it. Or with chaos, symbolically, you could create the universe. Some difference between the two!

Let's look at this with a specific example: judgment. Judgment is order. It uses the order of right - wrong, good - bad to create 'boxes' into which things, events, or people are put. You can see the results of it all around us: violence, mistreatment of people, wars, abuse of the earth, making a profit at the expense of others. Not having judgment would then be considered chaos. I know people who feel without judgment society would not work, would fall apart.
Personally, more and more, I am letting go of judgment. It is destructive, it does not contribute. I prefer to be in allowance of what people choose, and I may not desire to be around them as a result. That choice is based on what works for me, not on my judgment of what the other chooses. Awareness of what is going on around me allows me to be safe. Judgment just creates more judgment, not anything that would contribute to more for all.
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Thoughts on the election result

I wrote the above piece on order and chaos late October. Looking at the election result, I wonder how much order or chaos have we just now created? What if we dropped all the conclusions we had in regards to how the election result should look like and ask: What is right about this I am not yet getting? Change shows up different that we expect, always.

Could it be that this result is an invitation to be the creators of our own lives, co-creators with others in regards to our communities and the earth? What if it is an invitation to stop looking outside of ourselves for the solutions. We are the solution when we choose consciousness, awareness. What is possible now? 

Just wondering :-)


Have you been to my website lately? There have been quite some changes.
  • I have a free e-book you can download. 
  • I have a free series of emails that give you some of my favorite tools you can subscribe to.
  • If you would like to leave a testimonial, you can do so now directly on the testimonial page
  • I gave some pages a completely new design. (I would love to get your feedback on them.)

Some plans for the future are
  • to change the programs I have in such a way that I can cut down on the individual sessions by creating downloadable documents for the work you can do by yourself (which used to be part of sessions); this also lowers the price for the program.
  • to create online courses (let me know if you have any interest in a specific subject area.) They will be a combination of worksheets and videos.
  • to offer online classes through the use of technology (video with separate audio that I can send to the participants)

Until the end of the year, I am offering Coaching sessions to clear limitations that are in an area of your life for the reduced rate of $70 which is over 40% off the regular price. What would it mean to you to have more ease with the family meetings during the holidays?  What could be different with the finances? What could be different for your business if you are no longer the best-kept secret? Are you ready to be the leader in your life (and what does that mean)?

You can directly book your session with me. We will meet via video conferencing which means you can receive the audio track of the session. Once I receive your time selection, I will send you the information for the meeting

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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