Creating Your Life 9/14
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Monsoon season is here in Northern New Mexico. Glorious thunderstorms sometimes with relatively gentle rain, sometimes with a downpour and hail mixed in. I just love the energy of them.

There is much going on for me. After almost 2 years on the market, my home is now under contract and I am packing up as well as looking for a place to stay in Santa Fe. It is time for me to move back into the city and, at the same time, I know I will miss my current place; its quiet, its wildlife around the house, its starry skies, its spaciousness. Off to new adventures it is. I will be closer to where I work more time now, have an easier time connecting with many people. 

Are you willing to listen to where you have to be? Are you asking the Universe to support you in getting there and to make it easy. (That's what I am doing right now: What energy, space and consciousness can I be to create ease with the move?) Or do you need it difficult to know that you are?

A week ago, I came back from an Advanced Body class. 3 days of gifting and receiving energetic body processes that allow to let go of the things we locked into our bodies as a result of decisions, judgments, and conclusions we have come to. The result is that I feel different in my body and actually have more ease with it. How might it be for you if you let go of the judgments you have of your body and began to enjoy it? With the tools that I am getting through Access Consciousness® so much more is possible. The question is: Do you desire more? Most people answer with Yes! Absolutely! Yet it requires change and there is no magic wand that makes that happen. It requires willingness; willingness to let go of conclusions and beliefs we have about how life works, what is possible and what not. It requires learning to be vulnerable and ask for what one would like and then the willingness to truly receive it. 

If this is something you would like to look at and get some tools, I will start with individual coaching sessions about mid August when the dust from the move has settled. Let me know and you can have a free 30min session to explore if this would be a fit for you.

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Change is necessary!

I know that for most of you I am not stating anything new here. The need for change is great; in business, in society and on a personal level. And I do not mean just here in the USA, I mean globally. Are you willing to set an example in the way you live? Are you willing to have a generosity of spirit, be happy, create a future for you and the ones close to you and contribute to the earth what she is asking for, not what some people, even if they are scientists, have concluded she needs? Would you stop the anger, the sadness, the seriousness, and most of all the judgments which are so destructive?

During the past 3 years, I have become so much aware of judgment. How much is there a need to categorize something - judgment is necessary to do that. Judgment is not just saying something negative; even a so called positive statement can actually be judgment. Judgment limits what is possible; nothing that is not in line with the judgment can be perceived. And how much do you judge yourself. I had a PhD in self-judgment, that's how much I judged myself. The result is that the personal world becomes incredibly small. Instead of being able to perceive possibilities you only see the limitations.

Dr. Dain Heer is one of the people I have been and am learning from. He constantly invites me to more, to let go of limitations and to be more of me. As a result, I have changed much, my world has changed. I would like to share this video with you and you can find more of them on my YouTube account in the various playlists I have. Some of you may have had the experience of communion with the earth he talks about in the video. (Since I talked above about body processes, Restoration of Communion with Earth is one of them and I love to receive it as well as gift it.)

This article is copied with permission from the authors:

The buzz around the world is Benevolent Leadership and Benevolent Capitalism. It has caught the attention of CEOs, churches, the media and individuals.

The precept of Benevolent Leadership goes beyond being “ethical” or social and moral responsibilities. It is an entirely new way of being and functioning in our life. Benevolent leaders shift from the mindset based on “I have to get my share” and using and abusing to get what they want, to instead embracing generosity of spirit and a benevolent way of being, which looks at the different futures that can be created.

In addition, the conventional way of doing business is not working anymore. Too much of what’s been done here is capitalism based on “I have to get my share” and not caring if anyone else does. Unless businesses function from benevolent capitalism and from what it would take to create more in the world for everybody, not just themselves, eventually we are going to use up the planets’ resources; we are not going to create a sustainable reality, nor a sustainable planet.

By sustainable, we’re not just talking “survive”, we’re talking about where it actually grows and becomes something even greater.

Business today needs a new paradigm along the lines of Benevolent Capitalism, because it is apparent that conventional business practices are out of balance—and all of us need to address this imbalance now. What could we change on the planet if we could all make that demand? Everything!

The need for benevolent leadership and benevolent capitalism has never been greater. The threat of ecosystem failure needs not be inevitable if we are willing to change, use our awareness, magnify consciousness globally and act now. There is an urgent need to change the conventional schemes and practices of traditional leadership and the global industrial system.

If business leaders get more conscious, they won’t destroy the earth the way they are doing right now through their businesses. If we choose in our daily life also to be a benevolent leader, we won’t destroy the planet through judgment, anger, rage and upset. That’s the kind of change that urgently needs to be actualized - big change.

Our target is to get business leaders and people generally to the point where they are aware and conscious enough to create change in themselves so that they can increase the possibility of changing the injury, destruction and insanities that their points of view and actions are creating in the world.

The key message is simple: benevolent leaders live their life and lead their business from generosity of spirit (wishing everyone well). They operate from how it contributes to them and everybody else. This ability is imperative for personal and professional success. You can choose to exist on autopilot mode, consuming all you can, taking as much as possible from the earth and giving little back. Or you can transform yourself into a benevolent leader who can create value for others and become the catalyst for a different possibility in life and in the world. It’s just choice.

Chutisa & Steven Bowman
Authors of Benevolent Leadership for a better world.

They are giving an introductory class on July 5th from Copenhagen. Here is the link for more information and to register if you desire to. The class time is 10:30am PT/1:30pm ET

Upcoming Classes

Due to the move, I am not planning any classes in July and the beginning of August. I am really looking forward to being in Santa Fe and to offer more classes down the road.

As a heads up, I will be hosting a presenter, Glenyce Hughes, the first weekend of October in Santa Fe. She is offering a workshop: Creating Your Life, As if by Magic - The things that can be changed are only limited by your imagination. We have booked a nice hotel in downtown, walking distance from the Plaza.

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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