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Dear <<First Name>>

Recently, at a network meeting, I was asked an interesting question: What if people don't want to change? I was a bit surprised and asked back: What do you mean? What came out in the ensuing conversation is that the person felt happy and did not see any need to change. I sat with that later and realized a few things. From psychotherapy perspective, we assume that we need to change when things are not working, therefore if things are working there is no need to change. On one level that is correct. The question I have is: Could your life work better for you? In many cases that would be a yes. I am aware that in our culture we have a tremendous resistance to change. Keeping things the same provides the illusion of being in control. Therefore I have another question: Being alive means change. What is the outcome of resisting change? 

How would you get there? This depends on what the word "better" means for you. It could be you explore ways in which you could make more money, create more satisfaction, eliminate limitations and so on. For me, creating more satisfaction meant becoming a leader in my own life, being willing to go where I had to go regardless of others coming along or approving of my choices. What does being a leader mean for you? Are you willing to be one?

As a result of my choice, I have been exploring the topic in various ways. Do you desire to make a difference, generate possibilities in your life, other people's lives and for the planet? We all know that we can not continue the way we have been acting. Something needs to change or the planet will no longer be viable for us.

To invite people to the exploration, I have started a local MeetUp group. And, why not create a virtual "MeetUp" group through the use of the internet, like a Facebook Community named 'Benevolent Leadership'. If this is something you would be interested in, join us locally or on Facebook.

Applying what I am learning is utterly transformative for me. I am so much more aware of possibilities and am looking for them by asking questions (I have talked about that subject before) like: What else is possible here? The leadership skills I am learning are so different from the ones I have been exposed to. You can look at your life as your business. In light of the changes that are going on, what do you do to manage your risk (to use business lingo). How can you stay ahead of the curve, at the creative edge instead of being at the effects of what is happening. What does it mean to be strategic or aware of what the future might be like? Would you rather stick to what has worked for you or explore possibilities? Would you rather stay the same or be happy and feel incredibly alive?

I get it, the latter is too intense for many. Intensity is not good.  To be honest, I had bought into that too, until not too long ago . Today, I cherish experiencing something intensely, feeling alive. It is so much more fun. My wicked sense of humor is coming out and I like to laugh. There are moments when I feel such intense gratitude for how my life is shaping up that it brings tears to my eyes and, at the same time, I have to laugh for joy. I have stopped riding roller coasters because they are hard on my body. Who needs them when life can be one; one where I can enjoy all emotions knowing I can change them in an instant if I no longer enjoy them  ... Interested?   ...... Let's have a conversation, live or virtual.  
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Working with me:

There are a variety of ways you can work with me. We can have an individual session (live or via Skype / phone) where we look at something you feel is not working for you in the way you would like to have it. This is not therapy, it is more along the lines of coaching. I facilitate you through asking you questions. A session is normally 60 min. and one session may be all that is needed. It could also be that only 30min. are necessary and then I will only charge for that amount of time. You are the one who knows. 

Bars or Body process sessions can only be done live. 

Symphony sessions, again, can be either live or long distance. Symphony sessions are for deep change. There is some talking and me working on you
energetically. I prefer Skype for long distance sessions since neither one has to hold a phone and usually the sound is better than speaker phone.

For more information about any of these sessions visit my website.

Soon, I will be offering again tele-calls where we meet via conference call. Contrary to webinars, I keep the phone lines open so participants can ask questions and I will facilitate on the call if so desired. The call is recorded and a link is
sent to participants so they can download the call and listen to it again as they choose. I keep listening to calls I have participated in or the audios of classes over and over. Every time I tend to 'hear' something new, meaning it suddenly sinks in or I get it in a completely different way.

I invite you to like me on Facebook. I post a daily question that could allow you to become aware of something and / or change your perspective. There is one on my personal profile in the morning and a different one on my business page in the evening.

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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