Creating Your Life 1/15
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Dear <<First Name>>

A Happy New Year to all of you. What would you like to create this year? I invite you to read the post about Creating Your Life Community below and see if this migt be a contribution to you.

Last month I shared the link to Diane Collins' article in the Huffington Post about the new mainstream, people who desire a new point of view. "The New Mainstream is defined by recognition that we are in a time of awakening to a new mindset, an expanded worldview and yes, a higher-level consciousness for humanity." So what could all mean?

When I grew up, I was admonished to think for myself. As much as I practiced that, it was not until recently that I gained a deeper understanding of it. Thinking for myself used to consist of getting much information and then coming to my own conclusion. Now it means to ask a lot of questions, getting out of my head and trusting the knowing I have. Thinking for myself could mean that there is no one else who sees it my way and I am ok with that.

One of the main tools to get there - and also the theme for this month - is to ask questions. Contrary to what we all have been entrained to, with these questions I do not look for an answer. I am willing to let the question stand, be immersed in the question and perceive the energy as a result of asking the Universe.

There are two kinds of questions; one is a question where you already have come to a conclusion and just attach a question mark to it; the other is an open question to which there is not really an answer. (I will go into more detail in the emails you will receive if you register for the community.)

Question is one of the main tools with Access Consciousness®. When you ask a question then you expand what you have awareness of. We are so entrained to finding the “right” answer (remember school?). Yet, do we ever get it right? There is usually someone who will tell us that we are wrong because…… (fill in the blank). So being in the question instead of finding the answer will get you so much further in creating your life. 

What happens when you ask a question? It brings up an energy which shows you where you are limiting yourself or gives you an awareness of what is possible or true for you. If you have an answer, nothing that does not fit that answer is possible, you have just created a limitation.

The emails you get throughout the month when you register for the virtual community will go into more details.

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Creating Your Life Community
The world is changing. From what I perceive, things are changing ever faster. Some may say, the world is getting worse; more violence, more wars. I wonder what if the saying: "The Night is darkest before the dawn." applies here. What if we have reached or are close to reaching 'the 100th monkey'? What if what each one of us is choosing has an impact on how it all unfolds? Do you desire to be a contribution to the dawn of a new world, a different reality? Would it be a contribution to you to learn tools that allow you to effectively create change, not only in you the being, but also in your body; to be a contribution to the changes the Earth has to make. If so, I invite you to join the online community I am starting this month. You can find more information on the community site. Come play with us and change the world.


January workshops, classes and calls

Second Annual Bars Day 1/6

In celebration of this day I will be in the office from 9am until 6pm and live stream the program Access Consciousness creates for that day. This will give you an opportunity to find out about Access Consciousness and all it offers. Come and explore. I will gift 20min. Bars sessions so you can experience the contribution the Bars can be to you and your body. If you do not live in the Santa Fe area, I encourage you to find out where
free events are held in your area.
Please register for the free event; it helps me to track how many people came.

Introduction to Access Consciousness® 1/9
I plan on offering
this class at least once a month. Each month will have a theme, although I will answer questions regarding any area of life. From 6:30pm - 7:15 pm I will answer any questions you may have regarding Access and Asking Questions. From 7:30pm - 9pm, we will clear all the blocks that stand in the way of you using the tool of question.
More information and registration on my website

Creating Your Life Tele-call 1/25
On Sunday evening, at 6pm, I will have the monthly tele-call for the online community and all those that are interested in the subject of how asking questions helps to create our lives.
Asking questions gives you the awareness of what is true for you. What would it take to live as the question? Being you is the space where magic occurs. Please register to receive the recording of the call. The fee is $40 for all that are not part of a paid level of the online community.

"5 Days of Change".
Saturday, 1/24 9am - 6pm  'Access Bars'
Weekend 1/31 and 2/1  'Foundation'
Weekend 2/7 and 8  'Level 1'
What will these classes give you? Here is an analogy. People who watch TV like their images to be in high definition. Would you like to see life in high definition? These classes, building upon each other, will give you the possibility to see what truly is instead of interpreting it based on what you have 'learned'.
How much are you willing to receive? How much change are you willing to have? How much will these classes allow you to create something completely different or so much more of what was created last year?
More information and registration on my website


All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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