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In the last newsletter, I promised, I would talk a bit about being humble. What do you understand humbleness to be? Please answer for yourself before you continue to read on.

Since I wanted to write about it, I decided to ask people of their associations with the word. First, here is a summary of what was said:
  • humble is not narcissistic, pride, vanity, arrogance, superiority;
  • humble is empathetic, sympathetic, seeing yourself in a larger content

Does humble mean to shrug off applause / acknowledgment of an accomplishment? Does it mean that others come first? What if there is another way of looking at these two words pride and humble?

What if pride is something positive that allows gratitude for oneself, one’s skills? If you can't have pride in yourself are you not ending up judging yourself? Judgment is separation, separating you from yourself and you from others.
What if humility is not about making yourself less, rather a recognition that you did not do anything that made you deserving of the good you got in life?

I have been contemplating these 2 words for a while. Recently, I have had experiences that humbled me. I got it that when I create something in my life, it is not just me creating it. It requires the collaboration of others or of that which I am creating. The fact, that they are willing to work with me, that is humbling. The fact, that the earth, the sky, the sun, the wind, the rain, the clouds etc, are willing to contribute to me is humbling. The fact, that everything around me is willing to contribute to me, if I ask for the contribution and am willing to receive, is humbling. Learning to get out of my primary mode of judging myself, I am beginning to be proud of skills I have or something I accomplished. Interestingly, being willing to be proud allows me to see others and their accomplishments without being in the competition mode. Competing is different from out-creating, but that is a subject for another time.
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You assume you are looking for freedom, when what you are looking for is the potency of infinite choice.
~ Gary Douglas

What would happen if 1000 people around the globe got together to feel the peace they be? Let's see what we find out when we look into what peace is and what contributes to it from a personal, societal, and global perspective. We will explore those questions and whatever else comes up around the subject. Then, let’s close each call with a period of silence, each participant being the peace they be, extending it out to create a web of that energy so it spans the globe and contributes to our beautiful planet. Are you in?

For the time being the calls will be on the second and fourth Saturday of the month. The calls can last between 20 and 60 minutes.

Tool of the Month
Your Point of View creates your reality. We assume that we have a certain point of view because of our experiences, yet this is not so. As an example: when I was pregnant, all I saw was other pregnant women. We have the ability to see the things we desire to see. Desire here does not necessarily mean prefer, it means what we focus on. If we have the idea that something is a certain way, we will see everything that proves this to be so.
I invite you to think of something that recently upset you. Do you have it? Now say: Interesting point of view I have this point of view.  and again;   and again; and again. Do you still feel the same way about the situation? Most likely it has changed. Keep saying it until the upset is gone.
Interesting point of view is a tool I use quite a bit. It helps me to clear my vision since I can not perceive possibilities that are not aligned with the point of view I have. Getting rid of it allows me to see so much more.


20015 Calendar

I have created a calendar for 2015 that is for the first time for sale. I decided to use my photographic mandala images. It makes for some extra work since the company I have my calendar printed at only uses horizontal images, it widened the square image and as a result cut off the top and the bottom of it.

Have a look at the calendar and decide if you would like to order one (or several as gifts). You have until November 1st to make a decision. I will invoice everyone who lets me know via email how many they want and then proceed to get them printed. I will mail them to you latest by December 1st. The cost is $23 which includes shipping and handling.

All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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