Creating Your Life 11/14
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Dear <<First Name>>

Do you judge yourself? Are you critical of your actions, your decisions, your body, to name just a few? Do you make a difference between the two?

Actually, they are the same. Judgment sounds just more serious. We grow up with and are well entrained to being critical of us. It’s what we are supposed to do. Therefore it does not hold as much charge. What is the result of it for you? Are you getting better? Depending on your age, you should be perfect by now if it would work the way it is presented to us :-) The reality is criticism or judgment don’t work. All that happens is that we feel bad about ourselves and that is killing us because it kills our creativity, our body, our money flows and so much more.

Killing may seem to you as a drastic choice of words. That does not mean it is not true. Yes, it is not instantaneously, its a slow way in which we are killing ourselves. Judgment stops the creation of our body or our life as we would like it. There is no kindness in it. The negativity solidifies what we are judging. If you ever wondered why things don’t change or come out the way you would like them, now you know.

Judgment of yourself created connection with others who do it too. The question is, do you want to be connected to others if it is killing you? That does not mean you could not be friends with them anymore, it would be just not be in the same old way. You could see what is going on and let it be. Judgment also provides a stability in life as it prevents us from changing. Is that what you would like? If so, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s just a choice.

If you would like more in your life, would you be willing to stop judging yourself. How do I do that? you may ask. One way I do it is to see a big, huge STOP sign and make a different choice. It could be to ask what is right about this I am not getting? It could be that I find something to be grateful for, which could be what I became aware of as a result of the choice I made. It could be to be grateful for my body that is standing by me no matter what and supports me.

Would you be willing to give it a shot for this month? Would you let me know how it went?
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A Heads Up

I will be changing things around a bit in the New Year. I would like to invite you to join my Community "Creating Your Life". Because I respect your time, I need you to register for it since it involves getting more emails from me (I am aiming for at least 2 per week). Please consider if you are willing to actively participate in this. With actively, I do not expect that there is an answer for every email I send; I do expect to hear from you 2 to 4 times a month. Let me know how this is working for you; what you are finding out; what it is you would like me to address, etc.

The newsletter will continue and still have a theme to it. The additional emails will go into depth and offer tools. You can participate in the monthly call that answers questions and offers clearings for $50. There are several options in joining the community ranging from free through different fee levels. You can get the basic information on my website or go directly to the community website
. I look forward to having playmates next year. It will make it so much more fun.


My Upcoming Workshops and Classes

Friday, 11/14 and 11/28 at 6:30pm
This month, I am offering two, live Introduction to Access Consciousness® classes, which are free of charge. After a short break, I follow them up with 'Clearing the Blocks'. In this new workshop, each night we will have a theme and look what we would like to change in that particular area. Participants are invited to bring their questions which will make it a lively clearing night. For more information and to register for either or both workshops go to my website, tab Introduction to Access

Saturday, 11/15 at 9am
I will teach the body process called Cellular Memory. This process helps with the healing of scars from surgery or an accident, even if the event has been some time ago. It will support the tissue to return to its normal structure.For more information and to register for this class go to my website, tab Access Body Processes.

Thursday, 11/19 at 7pm
I will offer the workshop Money, oh money. We will look at all the points of view we have around money and how they may be limiting us in having more. Taking this workshop before the holiday season, when we deal a lot with money, has the advantage of having tools to change any of your points of view which you discover during that time. For more information and to register for this workshop go to my website, tab Creating Your Life.

Saturday, 11/22 at 10am
This month, I will offer only one 'Seeds of Change' call. The first one is on a day I will be in class. For more information and to register for this class go to my website

I will take most of the month of December off with classes, workshops or calls. We all are so busy during that month. The only class I will be offering is a free Introduction to Access Consciousness® on 12/5 at 7pm. You can check the calendar on my website for any events in January. I usually post them there as soon as I pick a
workshop and date.

Are there any subjects you are interested in and would like to get a new perspective on? If so, let me know. And it does not have to be as a workshop, it could also be a subject for another newsletter.

Recommended class
Juna Guetter from Canada will be in town to teach a 3 day Access Body Class. On the Friday evening before she is offering an introductory class for the public. I personally know Juna and really like her and her approach to life in general. If you have time on 11/7 at 7pm, check out the class and register. What might you learn about your body that could change your relationship with it or your health?

My best wishes for Thanksgiving to you and your families 


All of Life comes to me with
Ease, Joy and Glory! ®

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