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As usual with every newsletter, I sit and wonder what to write about, what is it I have to address? What comes from my own life and is not hypothetical? I sit at Panera using up coupons and suddenly become aware of the sun shining in (it is morning). Hmmmm. There is an idea. What if we talk about potency.

Since I started taking classes with Access Consciousness, I have adopted their words understanding where the change comes from. Potency is one of them that is used instead of power. Energetically, there is a sense of power over when used. Potency has more the feel of being powerful within oneself. And, yes, this can affect others.

There is a correlation between potency and acknowledging your own greatness. We all have gifts that we can choose to contribute to the world, the people in it. During our lives, we often get confronted with such points of view that we are small, arrogant when we think we can be a contribution, or create change in the world. Whatever form those points of view take, their aim is to make us feel small. Since we also tend to be critical of ourselves, the impact often is that we have in incredible amount of self doubt. 

That was definitely the case for me. It took me 3 years to get over that. In the beginning it felt good to hear someone acknowledge me as a person. Yet it took my willingness to really hear what was being said AND to let it in, to see if it applied to me and to find out that it did. Slowly, looking over my life, I began to see the capacities I was told about. The more I acknowledged their presence in me, the more I became willing to step into my potency.

It began with unapologetically state if something did not work for me. Yes, it was a surprise to people who tended to present me with a ''done deal'. Only this time, I was not budging. From my perspective they were free to do as they had planned, it would just have to be without me. In that situation I expressed that I had respect for myself and that my needs were a part of the whole package. This did not mean the needs of others did not count, it meant that mine counted too. How often do we acquiesce, put us in last place, considering us after everybody else has been considered. 

What if potency means equal rights for all; one is not worth more than then other. This is not selfishness; someone who is selfish does not consider the needs of others. It is considering all; remember me talking of the 'Kingdom of We'. Potency means also being able to create change because we do not constantly undo what we would like to have in our lives by doubting we can have it, by feeling unworthy of it. (This is something that keeps coming up in the money classes I have been teaching lately)

You may wonder where to begin. One place could be to begin asking: If I could have whatever I wanted, what would that be? Another: If I could create the life I would like to have, what would that look like? Once you have some clarity there, you can move to asking: If I choose ...(insert)...., what would my life be like in 5/10/20/50 years? and the same question for If I do not choose ...(insert)... what would my life be like in 5/10/20/50 years. Asking in this way, you not only look at your own life since we live with other people who impact our life, their lives are also considered. The timespan is too long to think about it, you have to trust your perception of energy. 
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The above conversation could be part of a 'Being You Adventure' class. I create a big part of them based on the questions participants have. Let me know if you are interested in one near you.

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May 13th at 6:30pm in Santa Fe
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              It is possible to combine the two classes which will give you even more affect. The materials given are different and I will need to know if you would like to come to both in order to have enough handouts. The price is reduced by $25 if you register for both.
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