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April 2020 - Lincoln Lagers Home Brew Club - Est. 1993
Just in case you haven’t been paying attention, lots of stuff around town has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, that means the monthly meeting for April at the Raven will not be going forth as planned. We’re hoping to get together for the next meeting, scheduled for Thursday, May 7. Keep your eye on this page, Facebook and the Brewsletter of the Lincoln Lagers.


Attention Lincoln Lagers!

We look forward to your participation in this year’s Nebraska Shootout. The 2020 competition will be hosted by the Brauer Unterstützungs Verein Homebrew Club and scheduled to take place at the German American Society in Omaha on July 12. (This July date is reported from a thread on our Facebook page. On the Shootout webpage, it's still "TBD." We will share and post the confirmation as soon as we can.)

In order to encourage participation, the club will provide 10 pounds of base malt per participant/team. We are sitting on two 25-kilogram bags (that's 110.23 pounds for you metrically challenged): one bag of Bohemian Pilsner malt from the Czech Republic, malted by Sekado. The other bag of two-row base malt is from Proximity Malt of Wisconsin. This lovely malted barley comes via Kirk’s Brew and highly recommended by Kirk himself. All we will need from you is a few bottles (one for the club and two for the comp if you advance) to help us compete in the competition. Drop-off dates and times TBD.
We were planning to have the grain weighed out and available for the April 2 club meeting, however, due to the current COVID-19 situation, that won’t be possible. But...YOU CAN STILL HOMEBREW! So, for now, If you want to take advantage of the club’s offer, contact a club officer (good), send an email (better) or post on Facebook (best). Kim Theesen is currently sitting on the grain; he needs to know! That 50 kilograms is enough for ~10 pounds each for 10 brewers. If we get a bigger demand, we'll start a waiting list and score a third bag. "What doesn't get taken by members gets turned into gruit. I'm talking Můgwört Kölsch or Wormwood IPA," quoted Kim as he weighed out yet another bag.
For a reminder, here the 2020 Shootout beer styles (BJCP 2015 Guidelines) that are eligible to earn Shootout Cup points and advance to Best of Show:

01...Standard American Beer (American Light Lager, American Lager, Cream Ale, American Wheat)   
05...Pale Bitter European Beer (Leichtbier, Kölsch, Dortmunder Export, German Pils)     
21...IPA (American and Specialty)     
32...Smoked Beer (Classic and Specialty)     

In addition there are two experimental styles, which are not eligible for Cup Points or BOS round: Nebraska Grown Ingredients and Cider. Also not eligible for Cup Points or for BOS Round is the Best Damn Beer (an open category) to be used for tie-breaker, bragging rights and the Rusty Capper trophy. Keep an eye on the event website for the latest details. We can enter two beers in each category. In June, we will take your entries and judge them to see who will make the cut and represent the club. In the meantime, contact us to reserve your grain, start working on your recipes, get brewing and let's bring that title back to Lincoln!


For all of your competition information and comprehensive schedule, check out the BJCP website.
For important dates for the National Home Brew Competition, go here.
More info on these links for the High Plains and Midwest competitions.


Hope and Homebrew
Well, what’s been going on? Anything new? Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m doing my best for social distancing, voluntary isolation and drinking "quarantinis." Fortunately, my office is allowing me to WFH (work from home). As of this writing, I am on day #11. But by the end of the week, we are all missing the FAC and meeting others to share the latest offerings from the local craft breweries. "Here, have a sip of what I'm drinking" is a phrase we won't be hearing for a while. Beer is community. Yes, this virus thing sucks. And from all reports, it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. 

For now, I'm late for getting this latest newsletter out. As you no doubt have figured out, the monthly meetings are on hold. We’re still hoping to meet in May, but I’m guessing that will probably be canceled too. We simply do not know. We’ll do our best to be optimistic, but we have to be realistic too. This COVID-19 business has been a contributing factor in my delay for getting this newsletter done. Well, WTF, I’m going to put the whole blame on it... just because. Lots of things are late and peoples’ lives have been disrupted in many ways. For now, our main thing is hope. OK, hope and homebrew. Hope that it's all over soon. Hope that we get some homebrewing sessions in soon – an activity that can be done solo. Yes, it’s a lot more fun to brew with a buddy and clean up is half the work, but these are desperate times.

What can we do? Why we should brew...

Well, we want you to consider picking up some grain and brew something for the 2020 Nebraska Shootout. The details are above and we’ll post updates on the club's website and Facebook as soon as we know them. Another reason to keep on brewing is for sharing. Homebrewing is community. Drinking beer is a social thing. And we want the members to brew for the Kegs for the Cure (scheduled for mid June). I’ll see if we can get an interview with the organizers - they were scheduled for the canceled April meeting – and then talk more members into donating some brew to this worthy cause. Other homebrew events will - hopefully - include the Big Brew (a tentative early May) with Brian Hoesing at Catalyst Brewing Co. (formerly 5168 Brewing), a wort transformation contest with Code Brewing (in the fall), the second annual Capital City Oktoberfest (Sept. 11 & 12) and this year’s Sower’s Cup (Oct. 22-24). There are lots of festivals in the works too. I’m looking forward to the always-a-blast Benson Beer Fest (early June) and the Nebraska Harvest Ale Festival (October).

In closing, for next month's Brewsletter, I’ll plan to cover some misc. club news. We need to discuss the survey results from the last bus trip and get you an update on the club’s growing library of beer books. Depending on the damn virus and its impact on not only the world o’ beer but damn near everything, we have to keep on brewing. It may be the only “normal” and hopeful thing we can do these days. Many of our favorite events may be canceled, hopefully only delayed. However, if you brew for them and they don’t happen when planned, well, you’ll still have beer! FWIW: Those kegs and bottles take up the same amount of space whether they’re empty or full. Let's all hope for the best, plan for the worst - don't be a "covidiot" - and keep on homebrewing!

Kim T.
Lincoln Lagers Brewsletter Editor

Random Beer Quote for the Month: "When a glass sits on a table here, people don't wonder if it's half filled or half empty. They just hope it's good beer," Author Sherman Alexie.
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