Next Meeting: May 7, 2020, Via Zoom
Business at 7 p.m. with General Discussion to Follow
May 2020 - Lincoln Lagers Home Brew Club - Est. 1993

Due to the current COVID-19 issues, the next meeting is going to be a virtual one. The plan is to start the meeting at 7:00 p.m. and discuss club business first and then listen to a brief talk about the KEGS FOR THE CURE, featuring Gordon Coke. (See story below.) 

The meeting details... Topic: May Lincoln Lagers Meeting, Time: May 7, 2020 7:00 P.M.
Join Zoom Meeting: Click hereMeeting ID: 794 9720 2721  Password: 5zMNK5

We've never done a virtual meeting and there's a good chance this might not be the last one. We hope you plan to join us. If you set up a free account in advance, it will give you a chance to look over the interface and upload an optional placeholder image. For you who are new to the Zoom business, keep your eyes on Facebook for a possible happy-hour pre-meeting discussion. 

Keep your eye on this website, Facebook and the Brewsletter for the latest meeting news. Let's hope we go back to the Happy Raven in June.


This year’s Kegs for the Cure (KFTC) event will be held on June 19. Typically, this event is held at a public space and patrons pay a cover charge of $20. This gets them unlimited beer tastings, a branded tasting glass, and food from C. Berry’s. One hundred percent of the event's proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society. This will be the 11th year!  For more KFTC history, go check out the event's website:

This year, we are considering a different format. We are concerned about the safety of brewers and attendees. We will discussing and considering options and welcome your input at the Lincoln Lagers' meeting on Thursday. 
It's awesome that the Lincoln Lagers are considering grain incentives* to brewers to support Kirk and KFTC! We really appreciate the assistance!

Thank you again for reaching out and for your interest. Check out the latest info from our website and contact me for questions and comments. I look forward to discussing this via the Zoom meeting on Thursday, May 7. 

Gordon Coke, Kegs for the Cure, 402-730-8480


*Regarding the Lincoln Lagers' grain incentives, we are starting a list for the grain. Contact a club officer via email or Facebook and let us know you want to brew for Kegs for the Cure. We'll put you on the list and let you know when your ten pounds of base grain will be ready! Obviously time is of the essence here. We need to know now, so we can contact Kirk's Brew and get the grain. You can assume that it will probably be an American two-row or British Maris Otter. More details at the Thursday meeting. See you then!?

We had eight brewers sign up and receive grain for the Nebraska Shootout. The 2020 competition will be hosted by the Brauer Unterstützungs Verein Homebrew Club and scheduled for Sunday, July 12. Registration will open on May 31. Details on the club entries to follow.
For a reminder, here the 2020 Shootout beer styles (BJCP 2015 Guidelines) that are eligible to earn Shootout Cup points and advance to Best of Show:

01...Standard American Beer (American Light Lager, American Lager, Cream Ale, American Wheat)   
05...Pale Bitter European Beer (Leichtbier, Kölsch, Dortmunder Export, German Pils)     
21...IPA (American and Specialty)     
32...Smoked Beer (Classic and Specialty)     

In addition there are two experimental styles, which are not eligible for Cup Points or BOS round: Nebraska Grown Ingredients and Cider. Also not eligible for Cup Points or for BOS Round is the Best Damn Beer (an open category) to be used for tie-breaker, bragging rights and the Rusty Capper trophy. Keep an eye on the event website for the latest details. We can enter two beers in each category. In June, we will take your entries and judge them to see who will make the cut and represent the club. In the meantime, contact us to reserve your grain, start working on your recipes, get brewing and let's bring that title back to Lincoln!


For all of your competition information and comprehensive schedule, check out the BJCP website.
For important dates for the National Home Brew Competition, go here.
More info on these links for the High Plains and Midwest competitions.


In an effort to get this thing out, I'm not going to wax too much beer poetry for this month. Why does everything seemed so rushed? Ugh. 

I want to thank those who agreed to take advantage of the Shootout Grain Giveaway. Um, what's YOUR excuse for not getting some free grain? It would "cost" you three 12-ounce bottles. And you call yourself a homebrewer! Here's your next opportunity: Consider brewing for the Kegs for the Cure. The club hasn't had a charity event to support like the long-running Okto Beerfest and this looks like a good one. The club can afford some more grain for a good cause, you get ten pounds of grain, and it helps Kirk, too! Looks like a win-win-win!

I had an immersion chiller leak during my last brew session. I was all ready to drain into the two five-gallon fermentors, monitoring the temperatures and the next thing I realized was the level in the brew pot was rising. Yikes! WTF? I pulled out the IC and got sprayed! What to do? Well, I took a little out to make some headroom and started another boil. Dug out ye old, dusty CFC and got it ready for action. Things appeared to normal out, but it made a long brew day that much longer. My blonde ale went to a dirty blonde ale to one with an extra rinse. What's the going price for used copper these days? This one is now history.

We haven't touched on the topic of 2020 club merch much. I was thinking of tossing out a few ideas. Maybe something as simple as "HOMEBREWER" or "This is my homebrewing shirt" with Lincoln Lagers on the sleeve. Do we want to mention anything about the pandemic in the design? "Brewing Together Six Feet Apart" or "I'M A HOMEBREWER: I have skills for the Apocalypse"? Comments, please.

"Don't try to make everybody happy. You're not beer."

See you in cyberspace. Cheers! 
Kim T.
Lincoln Lagers Brewsletter Editor

Random Drinking Quote for the Month: "Back in the day the only time we started panic buying was when the bartender yelled, "Last call!"
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