July 2022 - Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club - Est. 1993
Next Monthly Meeting & Big Brew Tasting at Kim & Anita's

When: Thursday, July 7, 2022, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Six o’clock for socializing, business at 7 o’clock. Taste the Big Brew 

Where: Kim & Anita's house, 1008 S. 32nd Street, Lincoln, Nebraska (32nd & E... E as in Elvis or Extract.)

Big Brew '22: In addition to bringing some brew to share with everybody (home or craft), we're planning to taste the Big Brew beers from the 2022 Big Brew. We started with a 1.060 cream ale wort from Code Brewing. We'll set up Big Brew stations in our garage and patio. Each taster and Big Brewer will get one voting ticket. After you've tasted the brews and decided on your favorites, you vote for yours by dropping your ticket into the cup of the brewer you enjoyed most. He or she who collects the most tickets wins. First place gets a $50 gift card from Code Brewing Company, second and third receive $25 and $10, respectively. In case of a tie, let's hope there's enough beer for a "Thunderdome-style" match-up: Two beers go in, but only one beer walks out. Or something like that...

Big Brewers! Yeah, YOU! We need to know who is planning to participate! Please contact me ASAP so we can set up a space for everybody. I'm guessing you should bring at least two, maybe three, 12-ounce bottles or the equivalent. We'll provide some glasses. One other thing: If you brewed with the Hopsteiner hops, be sure to note that and let us know. Many of us are curious as to how those are going to bitter, taste and smell. Thank you!

That Zipline Pilsner Grain: We gave away half of it at the last meeting via the 50/50. Winners included me (Kim Theesen), Lacy Phillips, Jim Novotny and Craig Samek. We still have 50 pounds to share. Would like some base grain? Well, the first five people who respond to this announcement will receive ten pounds each. It's Baird's Pilsin Malt. Thanks to Zipline Brewing!

Renew your membership! Click here to do it online. Still only $25. Such a deal! What are you waiting for? Seriously...

We didn't get to the “5 & Five” at the White Elm last month. I still want to do another round of this. Doing it with light lagers is the most challenging. Look for it to happen at a fall meeting.

Misc. Brewing Odds 'n' Ends 
  • Lincoln Lagers had seven brews at the Kegs for the Cure. Thanks to Jim Novotny, Scott Levander, Kim Theesen, Mark Beatty, Scott Andrews, Lacy Phillipe and Zach Fenton for contributing to this worthy cause: raising funds to cure cancer. If you'd like to contribute, click here for the American Cancer Society.
  • Benson Beer Festival: Two Omaha homebrew clubs were pouring: The 402s and the Railroaders. Good weather and lots of fun. It was really great for those who loved the IPAs, still the dominant style in craft beer... Classic German Pilsner was also a big one.
  • The July club social will take place at Cosmic Eye Brewing on Sunday afternoon, July 17, along with tasting the beer for the Nebraska Shootout. Judging details TBD.
  • We've confirmed the August meeting at Cosmic Eye. This is a great location, with tons of close parking, a cool meeting area and Cosmic Eye beer! In lieu of a rental fee for the room, we're asking everyone to purchase two drinks and tip 20%. 
  • The August club social will be happening at The Happy Raven. Stop in from 6 to 8 p.m. on the 21st and have a beer with us. No agenda. Just beer!
  • The Homebrew Con moves to the west coast in 2023: San Diego! Several of us made the trip to sunny California a few years ago. Who wants to go next year? Always a blast!

Save the Dates! 
  • Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022, is the date for the return of the club's annual pot luck picnic. Tim & Theresa Thomssen will be our hosts. More details to come!
  • Friday & Saturday, Oct. 14 & 15, 2022: The Lincoln Lagers Sower's Cup. This is our annual, regional homebrew competition. This event is tons of fun ... and a lot of work. We are hoping for YOU to volunteer a little time to make this event the continued success that it's been for several years now. We'll be posting more details soon, along with sponsorship opportunities and deadlines for you to enter your brew.

402 Quarterly Contest

We are in the second year of the quarterly homebrew contest with the Local 402 Brewer’s Union from Omaha. This year we are mixing it up with each club choosing a style for each quarter. Please keep these styles in mind when planning out future brew dates. We are planning the intra-club judging of cider and Vienna lager at the September club meeting. Top two entries for each style advances to the head-to-head contest with the 402s. The rest of the styles and judging months are below. Check out the BJCP Style Guidelines for details on these and all of the recognized styles. Watch the club website and Facebook for more third-quarter judging details. 

During the last judging, we tossed around some ideas for 2023. Maybe going to twice a year and the winner picks the next comp's styles. Also thinking about sweetening the pot with some gift cards. Is anybody up for an extract kit contest? Could be fun!

March: English IPA & British Golden Ale (Omaha)
June: American Pale Ale & Saison (Lincoln)
> September: Cider & Vienna Lager (Omaha)
December: Imperial Stout & English Barleywine (Omaha)


2022 Nebraska Shootout

The Nebraska Shootout is slated for July 30, 2022, with Homebrewers Anonymous acting as the host club. It was recently announced on Facebook that the Shootout judging and award ceremony will take place at Monolithic Brewing Company, 4915 N. 12th Street, in Omaha. For those who don't know how this competition works, it's a competition that is restricted to homebrew clubs in Nebraska. A handful of styles are chosen each year, and each club is allowed two entries per category. Points are awarded and bragging rights follow. 

2022 Shootout Categories:
If you would like to research more about the beer styles and substyles, the links above go to BJCP website for each one.

Sources: Facebook, Google Groups

The next monthly meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 4, at Cosmic Eye Brewing! 

Craft and Homebrew in the news, along with some other trivia...
IPA and its many variants
Yes, it is the most popular style of craft beer. Will the "trend" fade? What will take its place: Sours? Saisons? Gruits? (Just kidding on the gruit... or am I?) Read all about the latest IPA varieties here on Tap Trail. 
2022 National Homebrew Comp Winners
The American Homebrewers Association distributed 132 medals in the world's largest amateur brewing championship. Our friends to the south - The Kansas City Bier Meisters - took home the "Homebrew Club of the Year Award. More details and winners here at the Brewers Association. As mentioned earlier, next year's event will take place in San Diego, California.

Homebrew and its effects on modern American beer
Here's an article from last year that talks a little about the history and rise of our favorite hobby. Highlights include President Carter legalizing it in 1978, the last two states to join the group were Alabama and Mississippi in 2013. "Before Prohibition, there were more than 4,000 breweries in the United States." Read the rest of the story here at Wine Enthusiast. Hey, they spoke with our good friend Drew Beechum!

Competition Links
For all of your competition information and comprehensive schedule, check out the BJCP website and AHA's events page.
More events are listed on Reggie Beer's website. Click here to see the latest.
For important dates for the National Home Brew Competition, go here.
More info on these links for the High Plains and Midwest competitions.


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The Trub Zone - Kim Theesen, Brewsletter Editor

Some more or less random trub...
  • I still want to do a survey. I’m most curious as to where you get your information for the activities of the Lincoln Lagers: this Brewsletter, the club website, Faceook, a fellow member…
  • Who thought I’d be so busy in retirement. The cliché is true: I don’t know how I ever found time to go into the office.
  • What would you think about the cartoon below (in the club calendar section) as a T-shirt? We haven’t had one for a while. Maybe it’s time. I like the retro look of this guy. I sort of adopted the idea of “expense and inconvenience” from a discussion over listening to music on vinyl. 
  • What’s the deal with the club library? Who’s got the books?
  • Yeah, I know IPA is popular. Yeah, I get it. For what it's worth, I can detect Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic now from a mile away. But, sheesh. Come on. The amount of IPA and all its variations at the Benson Beer Fest was a bit much. American-style IPA, Double IPA, Imperial IPA, Triple IPA, Session IPA, West Coast IPA, Northwest IPA, NEIPA (aka New England/Northeast/Hazy), Black IPA, Brown IPA, Red IPA, White IPA, Tropical IPA, Belgian IPA, Fruit IPA. < sigh > Not one English or British IPA in the bunch. 
  • Do you think we should have a spot somewhere so members can see the club treasury balance? 
  • I’m sitting on almost pounds of Pilsner base grain and I want to get rid of it. As mentioned above, the next five people who contact me get ten pounds each. If nobody wants it after Thursday, what should we do with it?
  • I'm still looking for ideas on how to share gently used homebrewing equipment and not-too-old ingredients. This garage / backyard / parking lot sale is a thing in which we all can take part. You know you have one-too-many < insert brewing gadget here >. Maybe combine a little demo brew session to go along with it. Thoughts? 
  • Be sure to thank Anita on Thursday for letting me host the meeting at our house. She loves brown ale (hint, hint).

See you next Thursday. Cheers! 

K!M T.

Random Beer Quote for the Month: “Everybody’s got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer” - W.C. Fields.
THE LINCOLN LAGERS LOG: The Local Beer Calendar

7... Thu... Monthly Meeting (Kim & Anita's house, 1008 S. 32nd Street)
17... Thu... Monthly Social & Nebraska Shootout Judging (Cosmic Eye Brewing)
30.. Sat... Nebraska Shootout - Omaha - Monolithic Brewing

4... Thurs... 6 p.m. Monthly Meeting - (Cosmic Eye Brewing)
18... Thurs... 6 p.m. Monthly Social (Happy Raven)... No agenda... Just beer...

1... Thurs... 6 p.m. Monthly Meeting - (TBA)
24... Sat... The Return of the Annual Fall Potluck Picnic... Details TBA!

6... Thurs... 6 p.m. Monthly Meeting (TBA)
14-15... Fri-Sat... Lincoln Lagers Sower's Cup

(Disclaimer: Dates and details are subject to change at the last minute. Confirm with the organizers that these are accurate and still happening. Sometimes things are out of our control, you know? Check the website and the Facebook when in doubt, OK? Cool. Thanks!)
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