Next Meeting: Dec. 5, 2019, The Happy Raven
Social at 6 p.m • Business at 7 p.m.
Novembeer 2019 - Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club - Est. 1993

DECEMBEER - Why aren't you brewing this weekend!?

Lagers! We are back to our Decembeer meeting at Lee's Chicken! Join us on Thursday, Dec. 5, at 6 o'clock for some chicken and homebrew! We'll have some beer business at 7, followed by a battle of porters versus stouts. Our friends at Lee's always show us a great time and we look forward to everybody joining in the chicken fun!
It's that time of year where we're seeking your help in nominating our officers for the next go round. We'll be taking nominations to the end of November and starting our voting process at our December meeting. Please send your nominations to Offices include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Events Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and Social Media/Newsletter Coordinator.
     Your current officers are: President Jeremy Goehring, Vice President Lacy Phillippe, Treasurer Terry Schwimmer, Secretary Brad Brown, Events Coordinator Jeff Anderson, Membership Coordinator James Ehrmanhammer, and Social Media/Newsletter Coordinator Kim Theesen. If you have any questions please let us know, otherwise we look forward to your nominations.

Porter vs. Stout - Can you tell the difference? Is it only the malted barley or the unmalted roasted barley? Where does that coffee flavor come from? Maybe it's the black malt? What about a coffee porter? Can anybody agree? Can we settle this dilemma? We'll try. Please let us know if you can submit a porter or stout. We'd prefer to have all homebrews for this exercise, but we'll commercial if necessary. Contact Kim at and let him know if you can contribute two bottles. Thanks!
The next-in-a-series, long awaited, much anticipated members' survey is now ready for your input! If you would please click right here and give us your input. This ten-question survey focuses on our club's activities and monthly meetings. If you pour a beer and sit down at the survey, upon completion you'll have most of your beer left. It shouldn't take you more that three or four minutes to blast through this. This is your club! Tell us what you think and thank you in advance! Cheers!


It will be here before ya know it! Reserve your seat with an early bird tickets at the DecemBEER meeting at Lee's. They're only $35 before the end of the year and you'll save $5 on the beer bus. Prices will rise to $40 for members and $50 for non-members after Jan. 1, 2020. Where are we going in 2020? We are headed to Jukes Ale Works in Elkhorn, Marto Brewing in Sioux City and Divots Brewery in Norfolk. You don't want to miss this one!


Nebraska's inter-club home-brew contest will be hosted by Omaha's Brauer Unterstützungs Verein. (I don't know what that means either. Try Google translate...) The date is still pending, probably sometime in the spring, and it will be held at the German American Society right there in Omaha. 

We have selected four beer styles (BJCP 2015 Guidelines) eligible to earn Shootout Cup points and advance to best of show:
01...Standard American Beer (American Light Lager, American Lager, Cream Ale, American Wheat)   
05...Pale Bitter European Beer (Leichtbier, Kölsch, Dortmunder Export, German Pils)     
21...IPA (American and Specialty)     
32...Smoked Beer (Classic and Specialty)     

In addition there are two experimental styles, which are not eligible for Cup Points or BOS round: Nebraska Grown Ingredients and Cider. Also not eligible for Cup points or for BOS Round is the Best Damn Beer (an open category) to be used for tie-breaker, bragging rights and Rusty Capper trophy. Keep an eye on the website for future details. In the meantime, start working on your recipes and let's bring that title back to Lincoln!


Nordeast Brewer Alliance Homebrew Comp - Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 7., Registration deadline: Nov. 30. More info. 
Utah Brew Fest - Salt Lake City, Utah., Dec. 8., Registration deadline: Nov. 30.
More info. 
Happy Holidays Homebrew Comp - St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 14., Registration deadline: Dec. 6. 
More info.

For all of your competition information and comprehensive schedule, check out the BJCP website.

For important dates for the National Home Brew Competition, go here.
More info on these links for the High Plains and Midwest competitions.

- Boiler Brewing Co. has expanded! They now have a new place at 56th and Pine Lake.

The BJCP study group may be over for now, however, we're continuing The Beer Clinic at the monthly meetings. Bring in a beer to be evaluated. First four to show up at the meetings will get a close interactive tasting with some friendly feedback. To see how the Maltose Falcons do their "Troubleshooting Corner," click here!

THE TRUB ZONE: Random Thoughts from the Brewsletter Editor

I ran a Google search for pet peeves about craft beer, microbrew and beer in general. Some of these below are mine, however, a few were from or inspired by the search. Got any of your own you’d like to share?

What is the difference between a porter and a stout? We’ll be looking into that question at the December meeting.

Why is there little-to-no English IPA in the USA?

There are not enough good session beers out there. While I love a good RIS, Belgian Quad or Scotch ale, ordinary bitter and brown mild are quite quaff-able.

Do beer festivals really need to charge more than, oh, $40?

Why do some states mandate alcohol limits on beer? "Some of the world's most flavorful, gourmet beer styles have over six percent alcohol. In some states, an adult can go into almost any convenience store and buy a jug of horrible, high alcohol, fortified wine, but wonderful Trappist ales, Belgian tripels, Scotch ales, and barley wine can't be sold,"

Crowlers may be the best thing since sliced bread.

At some point, hopefully in my lifetime, I would like to go to a nice restaurant and order a beer without having to ask the server any of these:
- May I have a glass with my bottle of beer?
- May I have a non-chilled glass with my bottle of beer?
- My dream server at this nice restaurant would know what beers are on tap and know something about them.
- A complete and up-to-date beer list is on the table or posted prominently.
- Or hearing this response to the ya-gotta-beer-list question: "Oh, we have everything: Bud, Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors, Coors Light, and Sam Adams."

"Oh, I don't like dark beer." Ugh. Please don't judge a beer by its color.

Can't wait for the "brew to style" craze and phase to begin.

Drunk: “The word just sounds so's more like incidental inebriation achieved after tasting parameters met,“ 31Sam13,

I've come to realize that there is no universally loved beer (or wine or cheese or movie or rock band or ...). Please don't say, "That beer sucks." It would be better to hear, "Well, that beer just wasn't for me. You should give it a try and see what ya think."

I still don't understand people who order American light lager in a brewpub or craft beer bar. I still don't understand why brewpubs or craft beer bars sell American light lagers.

I hate watching inexperienced bar staff dump 10 ounces of beer down the drain in an attempt at getting that perfect pour.

Should bottling dates be mandatory? Should brewers care enough to make it an industry standard?

Why do we have to type in a birth date when viewing so many brewery websites? Seems a bit silly.

It's Belgian beer, not "Belgium beer."

A favorite beer saying: There are three beers I don't like: warm beer, flat beer and no beer.

Another favorite beer saying: There are beers I'll taste, beers I'll drink, and beers I'll drink again.

Also seen on's beer pet peeves' thread:
- "Beer pet peeves," CellarGimp.
- "When I run out," Deford.
- “An empty glass,” Pat61.

Kim T.
Lincoln Lagers Brewsletter Editor

Random Beer Quote for the Month: "A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, bit it's better to be thoroughly sure," Bavarian proverb.
Friendly reminders! Please take the member survey! Click here and give us your input.
And let me know if you have a stout or porter for the club meeting on Thursday!
LOG OF THE LINCOLN LAGERS: The Local-Regional Beer Calendar

5...Thu...Monthly Meeting - Lee's Chicken - Lincoln
19...Thu...Monthly Social - Backswing Brewing Co. - Lincoln
21...Sat...Darkest Day - Scratchtown Brewing Co. - Ord

11...Sat...Lincoln Lagers Holiday Pot Luck Party - Doug Finke's
18...Sun...Saro's Cider Classic - Lincoln
25...Sat... Lincoln Lagers Bus Trip to Elkhorn, Sioux City and Norfolk

6...Thu...Monthly Meeting - Happy Raven - Lincoln
22...Sat...Ultimate Beerfest Presented by Beertopia - Omaha

Click here for more of the official online calendar of the Lincoln Lagers.
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