May 2023 - Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club - Lincoln, Nebraska -  Est. 1993
May Meeting at Cosmic Eye Brewing Company!

WHEN: Thursday, May 6, 2023, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Six o’clock for socializing, brief business at 7 o’clock, beer trivia to follow. 
WHERE: Cosmic Eye, 6800 P St #300, Lincoln, NE, 68505, 531.500.2739

BIG BREW 2023: We're all set to meet up at Code Beer Company on Saturday, May 6, at noon. The following club members (and their respective hop choice) are in for this one: Patrick McCabe (Calypso), Eric Bronnenkant (Helios), Doug Finke (Galaxy), Terry Schwimmer (Motueka Scott), Kim Theesen (Huell Melon), Craig Samek (Sultana), Brian Cooper (TBD), Jason McLaughlin (Nectaron), Scott Levander (Triumph), Adam Thalken (Cashmere), Zach Fenton (Ambrosia), Nick Langtry (Nelson Sauvin), Jim Novotny (Mosaic), Mark Beatty (Altus), Scott Andrews (El Dorado), Jason Krontz (Sabro), Bob Catherall and Brett Walburn (wort only). The price per five gallons of Code wort is $15, payable at the brewery. The national recipe is for a single-hopped pale ale. Think of it as a clean slate to showcase your hop from the lottery/draft. Sometime toward the end of June, we'll have the tasting competition. The prizes? Gift cards for Code Beer Company!

Additional Big Brew Notes: At publishing time, we still have a few gallons to be claimed. Contact an officer ASAP if you're still interested. You did not have to participate in the hop lottery/draft in order to participate, however, if you wish to be eligible to win one of the three gift cards we will be giving away at the club-only competition, you'll need to select a single hop not listed above and let us know. 
An event page is set up on Facebook for the latest info. For info from the American Homebrewers Association, click here.

BREWING OPPORTUNITY: Doug Finke is planning on doing a "little" Big Brew on Sunday, May 7. He'll be starting early - 7:00 a.m. - heating the mash water and grinding grain for a NE hazy IPA. (THINK ABOUT THE SHOOTOUT!) He should have the wort ready around 11:00 a.m. This will be a one-barrel brew, so there will be five five-gallon batches of wort to share. Doug has six packs of Wyeast London III. It will be $20 for five gallons of wort and a yeast packet. You can boil and chill at Doug's place with your equipment. He also has some donated hops to use. Please let Doug know ASAP if you want to get a share! Others are welcome to come and watch. Talk to Doug at the Thursday meeting or contact him on Facebook.

THIRTY YEARS: The year 2023 will mark the 30th year of the Lincoln Lagers Homebrew Club. In honor of our milestone, Boiler Brewing Co. is now lagering a Baltic porter. It's going to be yummy! We're still shooting for a tapping and release party in June. More details to come as soon as we know 'em. Thanks again to Boiler Brewers Tim and Dean for letting us in to help with the brew. (Note the photo: In attendance, we had Eric B, Steve O, Doug F, Dave H, Jason M, Jim N, Roger S. and Terry S. Photo by Kim T.)

THE CLUB SURVEY: The results will be poste
d on the club's Facebook page along with printouts to review at Thursday's meeting. In the near future, we will be doing another short, ten-question survey about your brewing techniques. We just wanna know more about your style and what we need to cover at the club meetings and outings. Thanks again for your contribution to this and future inquiries. 

T-SHIRTS: The 30th-anniversary Lincoln Lagers T-shirt is in the works. Details and design will be coming soon. In the meantime, we'll be asking for your shirt size at the meeting and we'll get one reserved for you. What!? Can't make the meeting? Email the shirt size to us ASAP! If you don't let us know your size, we'll just get a bunch of mediums and XLs and then let you leg wrestle for who gets what. Hey! Every paid-up member gets one shirt as part of their membership. If you should happen to want more than one, just let us know. We'll work out some sort of righteous deal with ya. 

THE CLUB LIBRARY: The inventory of library books is done. We're featuring it at the next meeting. Adam Thalken is finalizing the listing and we plan to have a page on the website with book titles and authors. Members can check in and reserve a book. If you have a book you'd like to donate, bring it to the meeting. Huh!? Do you still have a book you checked out three years ago? Bring it to the meeting. Let's see, for a nickel-a-day fine, that comes to... um...

WE'RE NOW GUILD MEMBERS! The Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild (NCBG) is a professional organization that fosters a Nebraska-centric community that is informed, enthusiastic, and actively creates unity among its members on market and public policy issues to create the most business-friendly climate for craft brewers. In short, NCGB promotes the craft brewing industry in Nebraska. The Lincoln Lagers Home Brewing Club is now the first Nebraska homebrew club to join its ranks under the newly created homebrew club member designation. Considering the close link between our hobby and the craft brewing industry, this is pretty exciting. (Editor's note: We'll provide timely information regarding the NCBG's activities in this and future Brewsletters.)

FROM THE GUILD: Join the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild for our Quarterly Networking Happy Hour (sponsor TBD). Craft beer and snacks will be provided. We will be welcomed by Salt Mine City Brewing in David City (located inside Ropers Bar and Grill). Hope to see you there! When and where: Wednesday, May 3, 2023, 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. at Ropers Bar and Grill, 470 E St, David City, NE 68632.

Interested in sponsoring a future Guild event? Contact Brianne Schuler at 402-706-6470 or Know someone who could benefit from membership in the Guild? Bring them along and introduce them to our great group. Please RSVP guests to us via email at 
BJCP Study Group Update

BJCP study sessions continue to meet periodically on Tuesday evenings. If interested in joining these sessions, Email Craig Samek at or contact him via Facebook.

Join a few fellow Lincoln Lagers in meeting periodically throughout the spring to go through the BJCP style guidelines and study for the judging exam to be proctored in Lincoln this spring. 

Why? To advance your knowledge of beer styles, ingredients, flavor profiles, brewing techniques, off-flavors and how they originate and be prevented. Passing the exam will allow you to be recognized as a judge for sanctioned competitions and advance your status within the homebrewing community. Even new brewers or beer fans in general will find the class useful in appreciating and learning nuances of beer styles and brewing techniques.

Who? Anyone interested in advancing their beer and knowledge or wanting to take the hobby to the next level by testing their mettle and palate against the BJCP exam.

Where? Craig Samek's home in northeast Lincoln will be the default meeting location, but we will certainly be flexible if others want to host or locate a central meeting location. 

When? TBD based on the schedules of group members. Tuesdays, once or twice per month, seemed feasible to most interested parties. 
We'll be following the BJCP Study Guide outlines, including blind tastings of commercial and homebrew examples of similar styles during each session, discussing flavor profiles, reviewing ingredients and brewing processes, and filling out score sheets as you would for a homebrew competition.
Contact Craig Samek at 712.389.4597 or email him at for the details.

The 2023 Nebraska Shootout: Saturday, July 29

Get it on your calendars right now! The Nebraska Shootout will take place on Saturday, July 29, at Code Beer Company. The Lincoln Lagers Homebrew club is hosting and has set the styles/categories, listed below along with their BJCP style reference numbers and links to style details. The specialty category - No-Hop Beers - is linked to a Wikipedia article on gruit ale. Click here to get the latest details. Plan your brew schedule today to include these styles and plan to bring the honor of the "best brew club in Nebraska" back to Lincoln!

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 1, at Cosmic Eye!

Kegs for the Cure: Homebrews and Hope! 

Kegs for the Cure was founded to raise money for a worthy cause in a relaxed environment. Drink beer, eat snacks and be merry all while supporting the American Cancer Society. We are excited to share the talents of many homebrewers. The event rallies together family and friends to provide support for those directly affected by cancer and those who provide support.

If you are interested in becoming involved and brewing for this event, send an email to Gordon Coke. The latest information can be found at

Some Beer Brewing Odds 'n' Ends 
  • WHICH SHOP IS THE BEST SHOP! It's time to nominate our favorite local homebrew supply store - Patriot Homebrew Supply - for the American Homebrewers Association's "Homebrew Shop of the Year." AHA members should follow this link and nominate PHS today! Do it! Click right now!
  • DRINKIN' LOCAL: Speaking of Patriot, they're busy doing yeast buys and wine-making seminars. Be sure to check on their website for the latest details. Oh, and don't forget you can enjoy a refreshing beverage while you shop. From their website: "Patriot Brewery is your neighborhood nano-brewery, brewing classic examples of traditional beer styles. Seven styles of beer plus hard cider on tap rotating varieties throughout the year. Never the same brew. We also have FREE homemade root beer on tap for the underage drinkers. We offer free one-ounce samples of our beers. We serve half-pint (8 oz) and full pint (16 oz) pours of our production brew, which you can enjoy while shopping or relaxing in our seating area. We have 32 oz and 64 oz glass growlers to go. Recipes available for free in one-gallon and five-gallon batches as extract, BIAB, and all-grain three-vessel." Live free and brew!   
  • AHA RADEGAST HOMEBREW CLUB OF THE YEAR? We've received at least one nomination for this AHA award. Click here to find out more information. Thank you, Steve Olsen!
  • HERE'S A NEW TWIST! BEER-MAKING MINI-ROBOTS: You read that right. "Beer Bots" may be the next thing coming to a brewer near you. Check out the "self-propelled, magnetic packages of yeast" designed to make the fermentation go faster. Check out the story at Here's the link.

    • CINCO de Craw-boil - Turbine Flats Annual Crawfish Boil, Friday, May 5, 5:00 p.m. If you are interested in brewing for the Boil and want more information, click here.
    • Benson Beer Fest, Omaha, Nebraska, Saturday, June 3, 3 p.m. Click here for more info.
    • Hops with Crops, Palmyra, Nebraska, Saturday, June 3, Noon. Family-friendly event. More information.
    • Kegs for the Cure 2023 - Benefit for the American Cancer Society - Friday, June 23, Zipline Brewing Co. 
    • Check the calendar page from Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild for even more events in 2023.

Scott Andrews • Mark Beatty • Eric Bronnenkant • Bob Catheral • Brian Cooper • James Ehrman • Zach Fenton • Doug Finke • Terry Fischer • Edward Hines • Dave Hoage • Brian Kaiser • Jacob Kendrick • Jason Krontz • Nick Langtry • Jason Larson • Scott Levander • Patrick McCabe • Jason McLaughlin • Jordan Messerer • Jim Novotny • Steve Olsen • Lacy Phillipe • Craig Samek • Terry Schwimmer • Roger Stortenbecker • Adam Thalken • Kim Theesen • Tim Thomssen • Rich Vest • Levi Liter • Brett Walburn

Remember to renew your club membership! New T-shirts in 2023 in June. We need your shirt size!

The Trub Zone - Kim Theesen, Brewsletter Editor

Learn Something New Every Day... or at least in every brew session

Every brew is a learning experience, amirite? Even for those who've been doing it for ten, twenty or more years, each homebrew session seems to offer something new. It could be a piece of equipment that gets funky and you have to figure out how to fix it. Or you forget something that you've always done in the past, but for some reason, you just forgot and remembered it later. Sometimes you can fix it, sometimes you can't, and other times you just , well, you have to wait and see what happens.

For example, my Maltmill was acting up. Maltmill brand grain mills have fixed-width rollers. I bought mine from Kirk's Brew a long time ago. Worked great... 'til it didn't. I noticed most base grains would work and spin both rollers, crushing them on the way to the bucket, but others would not. Whaa!? The pale two-row would be just the right size and crush right on through. Some crystals and dark grains were having issues. After chatting with fellow Lincoln Lager Jason Krontz, he said the same thing happened with his mill; "You need a new O-ring." That's what makes the rollers roll, not the grain making contact. Jason gave me a spare and that should get things spinning again. These mills are not complicated machines, I thought. I can fix this. I decided to take it apart and install the new one. Well, I got it open, and guess what I found! The original O-ring was still there but had just slipped off the end, out of sight. I nudged it back into place, screwed it all back together, and now it's good as new. Bonus: I have a replacement O-ring, should this one ever break.

The other recent brew adventure was with the wort I got after our brew session with Boiler. I got some of the final runnings of the Baltic porter, took it home, boiled it up (two hours!), added some English hops, and racked it to a big ol' leftover London ale yeast cake from my recent stout fun. Anticipating a robust fermentation, I got it set up with a blowoff tube. (Who here has had to clean beer off the wall and/or ceiling and now uses a blowoff tube each time? Huh?! Show of hands. I know... Right?) I kept checkin' in on it and there was an occasional blip but not the rockin' and bubblin' I was expecting. Well, several days later I failed to "relax, don't worry, have a homebrew" before taking action. I thought the old yeast was spent and it just wasn't doing anything. So, I went off to Patriot and bought some more, fresh yeast. I racked the brew to a new fermenter and pitched the yeast into the new one. "Um, uh, hey... What was your gravity reading?" Oh, right. Duh. For some odd reason, I just assumed that there was no activity and didn't check the gravity until after I had moved the beer and pitched the new yeast. Yup. It was now about 1.012; OG was 1.057. I don't know when that yeast did its thing, but obviously, it did. Took it to almost 6% ABV too.

In conclusion, I learned to take my mill apart and see what makes it tick. In addition, I also learned to check that gravity and see what's happening... before taking action. Yes. "Just relax, don't worry, have a homebrew." Wise words that apply to just about every learning experience. 

See you Thursday! Cheers!

K!M T.
Random Beer Quote: “Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer," Stephen Beaumont, author of The Beer & Food Companion and other books about beer. For more information about Stephen, here's his website:
4... Thurs... 6 p.m... Monthly Meeting - Cosmic Eye Brewing 
5... Fri... 5 p.m... Crawfish Boil - Turbine Flats
6... Sat... Noon... 2023 Big Brew - Code Beer Co.
18... Thurs... 6 p.m... Monthly Social - White Elm Brewing Co.

2... Thurs... 6 p.m... Monthly Meeting - Cosmic Eye Brewing

?... Monthly Social - Boiler Brewing - Details for the 30th Anniversary brew TBA soon - real soon...
23... Fri... 6 p.m... Kegs for the Cure - Zipline Brewing Co.

6... Thurs... 6 p.m... Monthly Meeting - Cosmic Eye Brewing

29... Sat... 1 p.m... Nebraska Shootout - Code Brewing Co.

3... Thurs... 6 p.m... Monthly Meeting - Cosmic Eye Brewing
17... Thurs... 6 p.m... Monthly Social - A local brewery near you! 

(Trifles & Technicalities: This particular calendar is set up for events directly involving the club and its members. Editors work around the clock to keep this as timely as possible, however, dates and details are subject to change at the last minute. Hey! Prior planning prevents poor performance or something like that. Thanks for your attention! Keep on brewin'...)
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