Survey Sez. . .The 2018 results are in!!!

Thank you to all who participated in the Fantasia Fair 2018 Survey. We appreciate the feedback and candid responses. This survey is an invaluable tool that will help us assemble a great Fair experience this coming October!  We hope you enjoy it and the many comments provided by your fellow Fairgoers. 

Dee LaValle
2019 Planning Committee

Why did you attend Fantasia Fair 2018? 

“Fun and enjoying events with our community! Added bonus-vacation week in PTown

“It was an amazing week for learning and meeting many more transgender people

“The couples track and the support for trans in relationships as well as allies

“The food, banquets to dress up for and lunches at restaurants that I never would have tried as a tourist…

“I arrived at the Fair not knowing what to expect. I was welcomed and made to feel comfortable and included. It was like I was suddenly greeting old friends, although everyone was a stranger. I was impressed with the way things were organized. It was an overall wonderful experience.”

How likely are you to recommend Fantasia Fair to a friend or family member and how would you rate FanFair 2018?

Results: 88% of the respondents would recommend the Fair and 93% were satisfied with FanFair 2018.

Commentary: Strong support for the Fair was reported across all audiences and areas. While everything didn’t go as planned, the data suggests those who attended the Fair in 2018 agreed it was a wonderful experience. The committee is proud to report an increase of  7% in the satisfaction rate over 2017. It’s true you can’t always find a way to satisfy everyone, but your responses to the 2017 survey helped us realize these improvements in 2018. 


What did you like about Fantasia Fair 2018?

The relaxed atmosphere this year

The fact you could walk everywhere and had the run of the town

Being able to, well, be

Seeing my tribe!

Being with my chosen family

The opportunity to meet other people in the same position as myself

All the opportunities to meet up with old friends and making new ones

The one-on-one quality conversations

The Monday Dinner-Dance, because I saw so much happiness between newly introduced people, and long-time friends. I felt this was the true fun event of the week

Sephora classes!!! (please be careful not to overload the sessions)

The writing workshops


Commentary: The overall impression from the positive comments centered around the relaxed atmosphere and enhancements made to the event in 2018. Seeing and making new friends also was mentioned several times.
Audience Results:

46% of respondents were from the Couples/SO group.

54% of respondents have attended four or less Fairs; with the most Fairs attended by an attendee being 31. Honorable mention to the attendee who reported attending 30 Fairs.

81% of respondents receive the Fantasia Fair Newsletter.

65% of respondents belong to the Facebook group.

85% of respondents came for the full Fair

50% of respondents stayed at a recommended inn 

Commentary: Most enjoy their stays at a Fantasia Fair recommended inn. They also enjoy generous discounts for mentioning the Fair. So, go ahead and reserve your room early and ask for the discount!

Pilgrim House does it again!

Best in class!!!

For the second year in a row, Pilgrim House was selected as the best in class restaurant by Fairgoers. In the survey, we asked you to rate each restaurant on a scale 1-5 with five being the best for food quality and service. The total of these two ratings are listed below.
2018 Dining Index
Restaurant Index
 Pilgrim House 8.6
 Crown & Anchor 8.4
 Post Office 7.9
 Tin Pan Alley 7.5
Daily Lunch Program:

Should the current daily lunch program be modified or reduced?


87% of respondents favor a Daily Lunch Program.
13% favor eliminating one or more lunches.

As far as lunches go, Pilgrim House was the best”

I thought it was well done”

It's good to have the lunch program because it does ensure that most of us eat together and may get to know one another better because of it.”

I’d like to see more variety in the lunch venues and menus.”

I would like to see the option of a salad plate. Most meals involved sandwiches or starchy choices.”

Let’s just say I didn't lose any weight during the Fair.”

Commentary: We will be meeting with each restaurant in a few weeks to review these results and make plans for more variety and tasty options this October.
Odds & Ends!

60% of respondents think the Fair should have a night-time drop-in social venue.  

45% of respondents think the Fair should organize more activities or social opportunities.

85% Enjoyed the daily write-ups in the Daily Gazette.
50% Would be willing to contribute some writing for this Fall.
59% of respondents think the supplied Activity guide is important.

42% of respondents might use the bulletin board service during the week.
43% of respondents would help to organize and manage.

63% of respondents think the texting service with push notications is worthwhile 

100% of respondents felt comfortable, safe and want to return to Provincetown

74% of respondents would consider donating money to help diversify the Fair.

60% of respondents think the Mentor program is important to first time Fairgoers.

More style, and self image/confidence development

I would be great to have a couples panel discussion that included cross dressers to fully transitioned couples. I think it would be a great Q&A

I am soo satisfied! You folks do such a wonderful job!

The Fair needs more unscheduled time, time for social activity that isn’t scripted

Dr's that specialize in transgender issues

More fashion and makeup consultants

Voice training consultants

Work on integrating new participants with enthusiastic mentors so they return and support future operations

Trans-history, activism, and other general interest workshops like photography (the writing workshop was great)

More political debate
Commentary: Much of what is listed above is possible with your help. We are looking for wonderful, exciting, topical, fabulous, amazing workshops on every aspect of transgender existence: personal presentation, identity, relationships, community, activism, sexuality, history--you name it. To round out our offerings, we also are interested in hands on, interactive, fun, or crafty type workshops. Please consider submitting a proposal and being part of Fantasia Fair 2019. Visit for more information.



What did you dislike about Fantasia Fair 2018?

The weather wasn't great this year. If y'all could look into that, it would be great. :)

Our choice of lodging this year

Seeing Dee run herself ragged without enough help

Lack of registration staff when I arrived and delay in getting my materials

As an outsider, I got tired of the repetition of
yes-on-3, although I did understand its importance

The schedule seems to be jam-packed with workshops and keynotes

The awards gala. It simply took too long

Closing brunch -- too late in the morning it would be great if it started a 7 AM

Saying good bye to friends at Sunday brunch

Wishing the week would never end

Leaving PTown

Commentary: We didn’t gloss over this section. The planning committee wants you to know every one of your concerns is taken to heart. We look at each comment as an opportunity to enhance every attendees future Fair experience. Thank you for the candid responses. We dont shy away from answering the tough questions. Remember it is your Fair! Great feedback and we will work on as many concerns as we can. Sorry to say, the weather didnt cooperate as perfectly as it has in previous years. Thankfully, only the final Sunday was a washout. A number of you reported the committee being short-staffed. There is still time to get involved; we will be asking for your help in the next newsletter.
Significant One's program

The only issue for me was there was overlap of other sessions that my partner wanted to attend so we couldn’t attend all of the session for couples.

Social outings for just SOs would be nice

The couple's intimacy session on Thursday afternoon being restricted to attendees who attended the morning separate sessions.

I enjoyed the daily 9:00am SO's sessions. It’s great to get to know new people and connect with others in the same situation.

More about sex. This might help all of use in communicating with our partners.

Commentary: Great news! The Fairs longtime relationship team of Dr. Maureen Osborne and Carole McKenzie, LCSW will be returning to the Fair this fall. Plus, we anticipate the addition of new SO specific programming this Fall. Be watching for more information soon.

Pioneer Award edges out the Follies. 

The Pioneer Award presentation, dinner and raffle was voted as Fantasia Fair’s most satisfying event for 2018, narrowly beating the perennially popular Fantasia Fair Follies. All Fair events are satisfying, as these results show.
2018 Event Satisfaction 
Event Index
 Pioneer Award 4.4
 The Follies 4.3
 Gala Banquet 4.2
 Dinner Dance 4.2
 Fashion Show 4.0

92% of respondents attended at least one.  
63% of respondents attended at least three.      
97% of respondents believe keynotes have importance to the Fair.


97% of respondents believe workshops have importance to the Fair.
Your Responses: 
“I enjoyed the writing workshop very much

The workshops for couples (cis and trans) were so very helpful

I would love to see more panel discussions

I attended and completely enjoyed Sephora workshop

The Sephora Makeup Workshop was excellent and I’d love to see it expanded

“I liked the one on trans youth

I like the ones that affect the community, but the ones that I really like are those that encourage from real life stories.

More demonstrations & practical things

Commentary: We are looking for wonderful, exciting, topical, fabulous, amazing workshops on every aspect of transgender existence: personal presentation, identity, relationships, community, activism, sexuality, history--you name it. To round out our offerings, we also are interested in hands on, interactive, fun, or crafty type workshops. Please consider submitting a proposal and being part of Fantasia Fair 2019. Visit for more information.
Most appreciated service at the Fair. 

Photography by Dan McKeon

94% of respondents were satisfied with the photographer.
100% are in favor of the Fair providing a photographer
100% felt their privacy was respected.
“Very important to the atmosphere of the week

He was great. Please definitely consider having him come back again

Dan did a great job, including respecting our privacy

The photographer was very appreciative of privacy and very personable

We didn’t notice other attendees taking photographic liberties; if we had I'm sure my partner would have hit them with her handbag.

I took personal responsibility to speak up regarding my privacy

Dan is good at what he does and is easy to approach

I was very happy to have my picture taken

It was wonderful to use the special secure-no photos option with a group of friends on Saturday night

Commentary: Fantasia Fair is one of Dan's most enjoyable events he covers and we are excited to report he will be returning once again this October. Awesome news!
Stay tuned!
Coming up next: A complete 2019 Fair update and announcements on Keynote speakers and much, much more. . .
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