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Well, here we are! Day one under our belts! Thank you to our amazing mountain operations crew and management for getting us up and running. Mother Nature has not been on our side, but the team at Ski Ben Eoin have worked hard, and around the clock, to get the doors opened safely for all of us to enjoy!

With the start of the season finally underway, we are excited to announce that our Snow Bucks lottery is back up and running!

Last season, we made the decision to suspend our licence, due to Covid-19, to ensure the safety of everyone involved with this fundraiser.


So, here is what you need to know as we start back up:

This is 52-week fundraiser, and we've already had 10 draws, the last being held on March 17, 2020. What does that mean, you ask? That we still have 42 weeks to go! That’s 42 chances to win and 42 ways to support the ski hill! 

Everyone who played in the past will have the same Snow Bucks number(s) as last year. Don’t remember yours? Don’t worry, we have them all on file! For those who have pre-paid for the year, your number will be in for each of the next 42 weeks. 

For those who paid ahead for a few weeks, your number(s) can be renewed! You won’t want to miss out on the growing jackpot! 

People playing their number(s) one week at a time can continue to put their toonie in the envelope with their Snow Bucks number on the envelope (one envelope per number) and deposit it in any of the onsite boxes, weekly, but no later than Tuesday at 5:00pm. We will have boxes throughout the ski hill, as well as a box at the Meadow's Pharmasave.

Haven’t played yet? Well, it's not too late to have your chance at our jackpot. It’s easy! Fill out a ticket located on the side of each Snow Bucks box and the number on the ticket is your number for the remainder of the lottery. To purchase a second number, simply fill out another ticket!

To lessen contact during Covid 19, we encourage and recommend that you to pre-pay ahead. If you would like to pre-pay for a new number, $84.00 would enter you into all remaining draws.

Remember: if your number is drawn, but your payments are not up to date, you will not be eligible to claim the prize. The prize amount will, instead, be added to the next week’s prize.

It's fun, easy and only a toonie a week. We appreciate everyone’s support last year! We encourage you to purchase a second number, if you can, as this is our major fundraiser for the year! Help your chances of winning and help us grow the jackpot! 

For a full list of rules visit the "Specials" page at 


The Cape Breton Ski Club takes pride in the amount of time given by volunteers over the years and would like to thank the many volunteers who have contribute to Ski Ben Eoin successes. We are a not-for-profit organization who believes in the value of supporting our community and providing access to safe family-friendly fun! In order to provide the best experience possible, we need dedicated volunteers. 

The most recent efforts of our amazing volunteers were that of few groups of individuals who built 10 new ski-boot-friendly picnic tables, helped at the ski swap, decorated for Christmas and spent many hours painting our new Warming Centre.

Now, as we have officially opened for the season and hope to remain open in the safest manner possible during a global pandemic, we need your help.  There are many new safety measures that we must adhere to and we are seeking volunteers who can help manage and support our members and guests, and help them to navigate the new precautions throughout the hill.  

This year we are specifically looking for volunteers in the following areas:  

1. The parking lot: We would ask that volunteers help direct traffic to ensure ample parking.  Our busiest times would be Saturday and Sunday mornings.  

2. Answer Covid questions: Members and guests may have questions regarding new restrictions at the hill. You would help guide and support them by giving clear direction.  

3. Assisting with the flow of people: We need volunteers to be on site to help manage line-ups and assist with social distancing. For many of us, ski season is a time when we normally connect with old friends, and stop to say hello and catch up; however, we all need to be mindful of distancing and mask requirments, as well as the need to keep lines moving quickly and smoothly. 

4. Screening and documenting visitors to the hill: We need to have a contact name and phone number for our visitors.  As a volunteer, this may occur in the parking area or up on the main property. You would record the name (one per group) and write down a contact number for contact tracing, if necessary.

5. Fundraising efforts: now that our Snow Bucks lottery is back up and running, we would love to have some help. 

As stated before, Ski ben Eoin has a proud history of exceptional volunteers. There is no job too small and we really need all hands-on deck for our opening weekend and for the ski season, at length. Since the weather has delayed opening, we want to ensure our skiers are moved quickly through these new processes and onto the hill! 

If you would like to volunteer, please email and let us know what area you area you are interest in volunteering.


Thank you all for your continued support! Ski you on the slopes!

First and foremost, we wish to say a huge "Thank you" to our fellow ski resorts of Nova Scotia and to Public Health for working to make sure that we are not only able to operate this winter, but we are permitted to offer as many of our services as possible (even if they do look a little different). There are many changes taking place this year, which are made with the safety of staff and patrons in mind. 
  • Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitization- we will be cleaning more often (especially in high traffic areas), and providing sanitizing stations around the property so that you can practice good hand hygiene. 
  • Mandatory face coverings - Facemasks are required across the property, unless you are seated with food and beverage, or coming down a run.
  • Indoor Capacity Limits - each area of the building has been assessed to determine capacity limits, which will be posted and followed. 
  • Indoor Space - we have re-configured our indoor public spaces to allow for social distancing. We have also added more outdoor seating and have included directional signage to keep traffic flowing smoothly in one direction. Our Rental building has a new look and will serve as a warming centre if someone wants to take a quick break during their outing. The maximum time limit is 20 minutes to allow for fellow snow friends to also take advantage of the area. All Ski Resorts are recommending that people use their vehicles as their personal lockers.
  • Warming Area (Formerly Rental Shop) - No food or beverage will be permitted in the Warming Area. Masks must remain on, at all times, while inside this area. 
  • Food Service/Lounge - reduced menus to highlight more grab-and-go items, outdoor food service options will be available on weekends/holidays. The main Chalet will operate as a cafeteria so no outside food and beverage or boot change / storage will be allowed. Seating capacity will be reduced to meet COVID-19 protocol.  The Broken Buckle will operate as usual but with limited capacity following COVID-19 protocol. 
  • Season Pass/Tickets - we expect to have an online ticket purchasing option available by season start to help reduce line ups and wait times.
  • Outdoor Capacity - it is not anticipated that an outdoor capacity limit will be implemented at Ski Ben Eoin, but in the event that limits are required, we will reduce daily ticket sales to ensure priority access to our valued members and 2 for U cardholders. 
  • Riding the Lifts - face coverings are mandatory; family bubbles and close social groups may ride together. Singles and doubles will not be asked to load with those outside their cohort. Corals will be organized to allow for social distancing. 
  • Snow school - we will run multi-week programs with staggered start times, distanced meeting areas and required pre-registration. Face coverings must be worn by instructors and students at all times. 
  • Rentals - rentals will be permitted! The newly reconfigured rental building will operate at reduced capacity, with limited space for storage. All equipment will be sanitized after each use. 

If you are feeling unwell, have travelled outside of Nova Scotia in the last 14 days, have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, or are awaiting rest results please do the right thing and stay home. This plan will work if we all work together to stick to it! 
Visit our "Safety" page for the release in full. 
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