Full moon in Pisces, Thursday September 19th, 2013
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Blessings this late evening on this Harvest Full Moon in Pisces!
(It is a "harvest" full moon because it's the closest full moon to the Fall Equinox, which is this Sunday.)

In Kundalini Yoga class, we are well on our way through the Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness! The last three classes we have focussed on the Soul Body, the Negative (Protective) Mind, and the Positive (Expansive) Mind. The next four weeks we will be focussing on the Neutral (Meditative) Mind, the Physical Body, the Arcline, and the Aura. Please join us as you can for some powerful Kriyas and Meditations as we deepen into our experiential understanding of these Light Bodies!

Yoga Gems

Yogi Bhajan's System of Numerology

If you'd like to add an extra layer as we are going through the Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness, you can calculate your Soul, Karma, Gift, Destiny, and Path Numbers using your Birth Date. These numbers correspond to the Ten Light Bodies, plus Eleven, which is the the integration of all Ten Light Bodies.

Following is how you calculate these 5 numbers (to determine your 5 numbers, we always reduce the number to a number that is within 1 and 11):

Soul Number: The day you were born.
If you were born from the 1st to the 11th of the month, the day you were born is your Soul Number.  If you were born after the 11th, you add the numbers to get your Soul Number. For example, if you are born on the 10th, your Soul Number is 10 (Radiant Body).  If you were born on the 16th, your Soul Number is 7 (Aura) because (1 + 6 = 7).

Karma Number: The month you were born.
For example, if you were born in June, your Karma Number is 6 (Arcline), if you were born in December, your Karma Number is 3 (Positive Mind) because (1 + 2 = 3).

Gift Number: The decade and year you were born. 
If you were born in 1973, your Gift Number is 10 (7 + 3 = 10).  If you were born in 1977, your Gift Number is 5 (Physical Body) because (7 + 7 = 14, then 1 + 4 = 5).  Notice how you keep reducing until you get a number that is within 1 - 11.

Destiny Number: The century and decade and year you were born.  For example, if you were born in 1977, then your Destiny Number is 6 (1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 24, then 2 + 4 = 6).

Path Number: All the numbers in your birthdate.
For example, if you were born June 10th, 1977, your Path Number is 4 (Neutral Mind) because (6 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 31, then 3 + 1 = 4).  

Each of these 5 numbers correspond to the Ten (Eleven) Light Bodies of Consciousness.
1 = Soul Body
2 = Negative (Protective) Mind
3 = Positive (Expansive) Mind
4 = Neutral (Meditative) Mind
5 = Physical Body
6 = Arcline
7 = Aura
8 = Pranic Body
9 = Subtle Body
10 = Radiant Body
11 = Embodiment of all Ten Bodies 

Your Soul Number, your Karma Number, and your Path Number are your Challenges in this lifetime. So if your Karma Number is 2, that corresponds to the 2nd Light Body of Consciousness, which is the Negative (Protective) Mind - so this could be a Light Body that you may want to pay extra attention to, to keep balanced.

Your Gift Number and your Destiny Number are your Strengths in this lifetime. So if your Gift Number is 11, one of your strengths in this lifetime is the embodiment of all Ten Light Bodies. Path Numbers can also be a strength.

Thoroughly confused? Here is a helpful Article.

Eclectic Photo Spot
(Luna the cat trying to go to school)

Goddess of the Month
Those who come to my Yin Yoga classes know that every moon cycle I work with a different Goddess from the Dash Mahavidyas (the ten wisdom goddesses from the tantric tradition). This moon cycle I am working with Bagla Mukhi, so you'll hear bits of Her wisdom in the next few Yin class.  

Bagla Mukhi represents the hypnotic power of the Goddess.  Her word is so powerful and true, that it stuns.  She is a Goddess of speech, the aspect of speech when sound becomes manifest as light. Therefore, She is the stunning radiance that comes from the Divine Word.

Bagla also represents the seeing presence of the opposite: S
he can see sorrow within joy, failure within success. She is the still point between dualities, and gives us mastery over the opposites. She can turn knowledge into ignorance, defeat into victory, death into life.

Bagla relates to the soft palate, Indra-yoni, which is related to the third eye. She also relates to the Heart Center as the prime site of Prana. We can meditate on one of Her Mantras - Hlrim - during the breath retention in our pranayam.  

(Adapted partially from Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses by David Frawley)

Bagla Mukhi Yantra (retrieved from http://www.tantrayog.com/yantra/baglamukhi-yantra/)

Questions & Content
Please send any Yoga related questions to me and I will be happy to answer them! Also, if there is something specific you'd like to see in these moon letters or in either Yoga class - please let me know and I will try to accommodate.

Yoga Classes
I teach the following drop-in on-going yoga classes at Hemma (everyone and all levels welcome):
Kundalini Yoga: Thursdays 4:45-6:00pm
Yin Yoga: Mondays 9:00-10:30am

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Have a beautiful day, and Sat Nam!

Dawn Rabey, PhD (ABD), Transpersonal Psychotherapist
Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), Yoga Teacher (E-RTY200, RYT500)
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