June13th, 2014
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Lake Days (July 2014)
Full Moon in Capricorn Greetings
What beautiful weather we've been having here in Victoria, BC!  My daughter and I went to the lake three afternoons in a row this week to soak up the cool refreshing waters, majestic trees surrounding the lake, blue blue blue sky, and a whole lot of eagles soaring above. At this moment I sit in wait of Satsang with Gurpreet - an awakened teacher from India. I'll be sitting with her for three 3-hr Satsangs this week-end, and look forward to sharing/passing on her teachings!

Thank you everyone for your participation in Kundalini Yoga class, it is such a delight to see you, to hear how you're doing, what's going on in your life, and how Kundalini Yoga is enhancing it. You are my inspiration! Keep letting me know what you like, and what you want more of.  In a couple weeks I will be holding one more extended meditation (two and a half hours) in my home to complete our Journey of the Transcendent Self - please email me if you would like to come and I will send you the details! 

In this newsletter I share the last 3 stages of Yogi Bhajan's 21 Stages of Meditation: Teacher, Sage, and Infinite Pulse. Also included is a Kriya for the Solar Plexus and a Mantra for the Journey of the Transcendent Self. Enjoy!
Lake Days (July 2014)
Yoga Gems

The 21 Stages of Meditation: The Transcendent Self
Notes on the last three stages of The Transcendent Self, the third and final 7-week journey of the 21 Stages of Meditation! (quotes from "The 21 Stages of Meditation" by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa):
Stage 19: Teacher
At this stage of the teacher, people come to you, finding you according to their destiny. You elevate each person and deliver them back to an experience of their Infinite self.
We meditate with the perfect balance of compassion and discipline, we remain centered and clear, undeterred by discomfort or comfort, by emotional judgements of good and bad, or doubt and uncertainty.
"The first gap between our Self and our consciousness, which we confront in this stage, is trust - self-trust...here we must apply our consciousness to identify and drop self-belittlement, self-doubt and egotism."
As we develop the inner teacher, the Guru Dayv, we also recognize the teacher in every part of our life through all people, places, and things. As the teacher we confront our own mind and choose consciousness over ego. We refine the sattvic qualities of mind: clarity, calm, and intuition. We act from the light of our own soul.
Stage 20: Sage

In this stage you are merged. Discipline and duty have become a spontaneous expression of love.
"Harmony exists between Creator and Creation."
Wisdom is expressed in every action, every word. "This wisdom is the process by which we un-know all we know to become known to our unknown."
A deep stillness emerges as awareness comes to dominate the mind.
"A sage penetrates through the fog of impulse and intellect, and a pristine clarity guides each choice, in the ever-present now, evidenced in an adaptive, flowing flexibility and effectiveness. The sage excels while fully engaging in each role and relationship in their life. But in this stage, the meditative mind knows that no real effort or action is needed. There is an underlying relaxation, a meditative stance that supports and delivers every action."
The sage is complete, content, and conscious with radiant awareness of the Self, spontaneity, and lightness of being.

Stage 21: Infinite Pulse
"A perfect one-pointed meditation that feels the Infinite pulse of God everywhere. There is nothing to do. You rest in the bosom of the great Mother of the universe. Your stillness radiates limitless actions. Your absolute containment knows no bounds. Every project is done by Grace. Every thought honoured throughout time."
In this stage, the Infinite and finite selves merge as one, there is an equanimity that knows no bounds, peace and ecstasy are pervasive. We connect with the Infinite Pulse that sustains all, and deeply know the interconnection of all, and the consciousness within all.

"The burden of ego and the effort to maintain a persona or a position in the great dance of life is replace by the playful embrace and love of all that is. This is a step beyond mind and can not be accomplished by any effort. Woven through it is a patient surrender to all you are."
This stage is only given to us. We experience the joy of receiving rather than the satisfaction of having found something.
"Not bound by the sequence of previous stages because it has no sequence, the realization of the Infinite Pulse can happen in the beginning, in the middle or at the end of our journey."
"The change is not in something one sees but in the nature of seeing itself…It is not abstract or far away. Instead it is intimate, at the very heart and centre of everything that exists." 

And this brings us to completion of the 21 Stages of Meditation!

For more information on the 21 Stages of Meditation in previous Newsletters, click here and scroll down to "Archives of Past Yoga Newsletters".

Ek Ong Kaar, Sat Gurprasaad
Sat Gurprasad, Ek Ong Kaur

(The Creator and Creation are One, I know the Grace of Embodied Wisdom; Graced by Embodied Wisdom, I realize Creator and Creation are One.)
This mantra is used for embodying the qualities of the 20th Stage of Meditation - the Sage - within the journey of the Transcendent Self.

The mind dwells in the constant relationship between Ek Ong Kaar and Sat Gurprasaad. The first is the sir gun, the experience of all finite forms. The second part of the mantra is the nirgun, the experience of the formless, the grace and blessing of the Infinite Creator, which flows to you and all of creation…Sirgun and nirgun, the known and the unknown , are replaced with awareness - the Self abiding in the Absolute Self. (adapted from "The 21 Stages of Meditation") 

SatKirin Kaur Khalsa has a beautiful 11 minute version of this on her Lightness of Being CD

Here is a Kriya that is great for the navel point, as well as digestion, magnetic field, spinal fluid, and aura:

Nabhi Kriya
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Have a beautiful day, and Sat Nam!

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