June 26th, 2013
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I hope you had a beautiful Summer Solstice and Full and Super Moon in Capricorn this past week! 

Last week we completed our eight week Chakra Series - moving from the Root all the way up to the Aura. Well done everyone!  

I look forward to our summer Kriyas!  Over the next few weeks we will be doing a Kriya for the Lungs, Magnetic Field, and Deep Meditation, and a Kriya for Balancing Prana and Apana. This Thursday we will be doing a Kriya for Morning Sadhana (spiritual practice). 

I will be away for 3-4 weeks through-out July and August, so you will have the opportunity to experience another Kundalini Yoga teacher - Jennifer - whom some of you may remember from when she subbed for me several months ago.

Kundalini Gems

What is Kundalini Yoga?
Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan combines meditation, mantra, physical exercises, and breathing techniques. Kundalini means "the curl of the lock of hair of the Beloved", it is the flow of energy and consciousness that exists within each of us, and enables us to merge with the universal Self.  

Kundalini Yoga s also known as the Yoga of Awareness; its focus is on self-awarenss and experiencing elevation of consciousness.

The primary objective is to awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual; meaning, to recognize our awareness, refine that awareness, and expand that awareness to our unlimited Self. 

The focus is on personal experience and awareness through the practice of Kriya (an orchestrated sequence of movements, sound, pranayam, and meditation that guide the energies of the body and mind to a specific result or change in consciousness) and Naad (sound current).

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful path to experience your Infinity and fulfill your personal destiny.

* adapted from The Kundalini Research Institute, for the full article, click

Basic Spinal Energy Series
The flexibility of our spine directly relates to our youthfulness and how gracefully we age. This Kriya systematically works from the base to the top of the spine, stimulating all our vertebrae, as well as clearing, balancing, and activating our chakras. It's an excellent set to do before meditation.
Click here for this Kriya.

(from Victoria Yoga Conference 2013)
Please send any Yoga related questions to me and I will be happy to answer them and include them in the newsletters!

Yoga Classes
I teach the following drop-in on-going yoga classes at Hemma (everyone and all levels welcome!):
Kundalini Yoga: Thursdays 4:30-5:45pm
Yin Yoga: Mondays 9:00-10:30am

Contact Information:
Email: DawnRabey@live.ca
Phone: 250-661-8679

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Have a beautiful day, and Sat Nam!  ~Dawn

Dawn Rabey, PhD (ABD), Transpersonal Psychotherapist
Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), Yoga Teacher (E-RTY200, RYT500)
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