Rosie went to Outdoor Ed and she wanted to tell you all about it.
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Rosie Goes to Outdoor Ed

March 8, 2014

Every year in Middle School at Faith Academy, the entire school goes on what is called OUTDOOR ED. it's a week long journey outside the metro for intense team-building, community outreach in the areas they will be, learning basic survival skills and a heap of fun & memories for everyone!

This year, Rosie and her classmates when south to Taal - a volcano on an island, in a lake. :) They had squads they did activities with, including survival skills like killing a chicken and roasting it over an open fire.
The groups also went into a school and did some fun things with the kids as well as a feeding program.

Here's Rosie's account of the week:


Outdoor Ed was an AMAZING experience for me! I had the awesomest squad ever.   (A squad is the group you are with for the week)
On Monday we rode in the bus for about 3 hours. Then we stopped in Taal city... We did a picture scavenger hunt but our squad just bailed out hahaha... We then ate lunch. We bused for maybe 30 minutes and we arrived at our base camp. Then we had free time and I went and bonded with the boys in our class and had a sand and seaweed fight with them. Then it was dinner and after that was chapel. Mr. Boss (our week's speaker) spoke and then we had free time for like an hour and I spent it with my friends. By 10:30 it was lights out.

We didn't have to wake up as early as everyone.   We have a few other squads in our traveling group and then when we finally finished eating we went to the Chapel and we got to figure out what we would do for the day.

Our  first rotation was practicing our Tagalog songs. Then we built sand castles and our squad won!

After this was Ministry time. We piled into jeepneys and I got to sit on the very edge on the step. When we arrived at the school we went and gave out snacks to all the kids. I walked into to one of the classrooms and the whole class ran to me and hugged me. Then we had song time. And all of the kids surrounded around me and we danced and sang. I played tag with a few of the 1st graders and had a good time. Soon after we had to head back to base camp.

When we got back to base camp, we had the chicken kill (this is when we have to kill our own chickens and make our own suppers with it - part of survival camp out in the bush! If you are a vegetarian or don't like details of this sorta thing, maybe don't read anymore. haha) and only 3 of us were willing to touch the chickens. After my friend Kaia swung the chicken to make it dizzy. I put its head between bars and ripped it off then put it in a bucket to make it stop flapping. We boiled it then we plucked the feathers. Then I cut it open and ripped all the guts out. I did this 4 times in all.

Then we had free time for 2 hours and we swam in the pool. I played chicken fight with the 12th Graders. We then had to decorate our table and cook our meal. So after this we ate and then it was evening chapel. And after that we had a game and then it was lights out.

The next day we went to the reef site and when we got there we had rotations of the activities. We went snorkelling and then we dissected a squid and then we did a craft. It was cool. After that we had free time.

Then it was dinner which was taco in a bag and then it was evening chapel. Afterwards we had a snack and squad devotions and then we stayed up and just looked at the stars. So pretty.

The next day we left from the reef site and went back to base camp. After we packed our lunch and repacked our bags, we loaded a huge boat to go to Taal Volcano.

When we got there we went and looked at the lava flows. We had lunch and then we took a 5-hr hike up to crater lake and we had to swim in the sulphur. 

Then we went and had to walk ALL the way back and it was gross but I got to see fumerholes and they smelt like eggs.

When we got back to the site we went and cleaned ourselves off. We had dinner with the other seventh grade boys squad because they were in our traveling group and then we had a devotions time with them. We had our last evening chapel by the bonfire and then we had reflection time with them again That was awesome.. Then we head to bed.

On Friday we woke up to the seniors singing! We had to pack up the whole site and we headed back to base camp.We packed all our bags and all the rooms had to be cleaned and then we boarded the buses and headed back to Manila!

Outdoor Ed was an AWESOME experience and I feel like I grew closer not only to my friends but to God! And the experience in the outdoors was really cool too. I killed 4 chickens! haha!

It's cool to see our kids lives grow and they become amazing people who will one day do amazing things of their own. I mean really, how many people learn how to kill and cook their own supper on a tropical island every day? ;) Jonathan's mother was very proud, as she did the same things on the farm where she grew up.

Also to see our kids, Rosie in particular this time, showing love to kids in the school they really blesses our heart - our kids get it: life is beyond themselves and all about showing love to others in any way they can, anywhere they can. So much awesome.


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers...our family truly appreciates them!

Much love,

The Heppners

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