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March 2020

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"

Dear friends,

When my grandmother used to say this old adage to me, I didn’t really understand it. Being in the prevention business, helping students realizing risks before they make decisions and helping those who have had decisions made for them to reach out for help, I should be happy about all the precautions our government officials are taking to prevent the spread the corona virus. But the truth is, I wasn’t happy about it. It was putting young people into isolation, sending children home to where 85% of abuse happens. 

I know stress will rise in homes with job losses, financial strain and people being frustrated from spending too much time together. We have serious concerns of the well-being of our most vulnerable population, our children.

With schools shutting down, it limits our access to the students for who knows how long. So, I had to ask myself the question, “What can we do?”  In our staff meeting, we were having a round table discussion, sitting six-feet away from each other of course, and Kathy Shelburne came up with a great idea to start preparing E-learning lessons that the teachers can utilize with the students. We don’t know how much we can get done in a short amount of time, but we are going to be moving in a positive direction toward being able to assist the teachers as well as still reach the students. Out of this adversity comes a new creative way of reaching students and people. Hopefully we will never face another pandemic, but this endeavor will also be beneficial in the future for snow days as well.  

Nothing replaces the effectiveness of face-to-face learning, creating a connection with people being together in community, but sometimes we have to improvise. Students need hope more than ever and if we can continue to use technology as a tool to bring students hope through knowledge of self-control, boundaries and resources to reach out to, we want to accomplish that mission.

We hope that you stay safe, be well, and continue to connect with friends and loved ones through creative ways and the use of technology as we all know the power of connection and relationships. Thank you for continuing to cheer us on in this new endeavor as we continue our mission through these unpredictable times. We are excited that we can continue reaching young people even in challenging circumstances.

Be blessed,
Shari McCutcheon
Executive Director

Parent Resources

5 Ways Not to Make Your Kids Paranoid

One of a mom’s fundamental tasks is to protect her children. But what do you do when you are overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty? Sometimes, it seems like danger is everywhere and the worry is pressing hard. But how you go about instructing and informing your children about those dangers can mean the difference between a child who’s aware and cautious and one who is anxious and worried. No mom wants to make her kids paranoid, and a beautiful gift we can give them is a sense of peace. But how, when it feels like there’s just so much to be afraid of?

Click here for full article.

How to Keep your Kids Safe (and Sane) Amidst the Chaos of COVID-19 

As a parent to a very energetic 9-year-old, you can imagine my facial expressions when I found out that schools across the United States were being cancelled for at least three weeks due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). First, my mouth dropped open in shock. Then, I started to panic as I realized all the things I would need to do to successfully keep my child home for 3+ weeks. I love my kids, and I love having them home, but working a full-time job while watching them run around with endless energy? I’m not in love with that idea.

It has been almost two weeks now of having my child home all day, every day (literally 24/7). I’m not going to lie—he has watched a lot of TV. He has had a lot of “tablet time,” and in moments of exhaustion, I have definitely yelled, “FINE, just turn on Peppa Pig!”

During this time of social distancing and self-imposed isolation, I’ve really started to see the need for increased technology boundaries while my child is stuck at home. It is so tempting for me to just hand him the tablet with the YouTube app open, assuming he will only use it for Peppa Pig. And because I am still trying to work full time, I am not able to be monitoring his device activity like I normally could.

Click here for full article.

Stay At Home Planners to Help Keep Schedules

To receive a downloadable PDF of this Stay at Home Planner, simply email Sandy at and request Stay at Home Planner and it will be emailed directly to you.

Kids Prayers: Printables to Help Teach Our Kids

Does it seem like your kids never run out of words? Stories seem to go on forever. Everything their eyes see gets announced to anyone who will listen. And wow, all the questions! Their little voices are sweet to our ears, but God delights in them even more. He wants to hear from them and share His love for them through conversations in prayer (and we think He must especially love kids’ prayers!). 

Click here to read full article

Operation Parent

Website for parents with ongoing resources and webinars on trending topics.

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2019-20 School Year
SOLUTIONS 3rd - 5th Grades
Thomas Jefferson Elementary
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SOLUTIONS 3rd - 5th Grades
Riverside Elementary
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Lanesville Elementary - 5th grade

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Juvenile Detention Center

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Utica Elementary

Highland Hills MS - 7th grade
Southwestern MS - 6th grade
Juvenile Detention Center

Embracing Change
Lanesville Elementary - 5th grade

Juvenile Detention Center
New Washington HS - 9-12 grades
Southwestern HS - Health Classes
Charlestown HS - 10th grade
Switzerland County HS
Jeffersonville HS
Switzerland County MS


Floyd Central HS - Health Classes
New Albany HS - Health Classes
Charlestown HS - 12th grade
Trimble County HS
Charlestown MS - 6th grade

Jeffersonville HS - 11th grade
Clarksville MS - 7th grade
Trimble Col. MS - 7th grade

Charlestown MS - 6th grade
Charlestown MS - 7th grade
River Valley MS - 8th grade

SOLUTIONS K-2nd Grades
Bridgepoint Elementary
Northhaven Elementary
Parkwood Elementary
Pleasant Ridge Elementary
Riverside Elementary

Embracing Change 
Clarksville Middle - 5th grade
Borden Elementary - 5th grade
Henryville Elementary - 5th grade

Corydon Central Jr. High - 8th grade
Parkview Middle - 8th grade
Corydon Center MS - 8th grade
Jeff HS - 9th grade
Trimble Co. - 8th & 9th grades

Student Comments
Comments from our Elementary Students about our Solutions Abuse Prevention Program

"It's a good program teaches kids how to be safe."

"To show what boundaries are."

"The program taught me to say NO to inappropriate touches."

"It was helpful for me."

"The program helped me understand what is unsafe and safe."

"It was very special for teaching me how to defend myself and if someone is treating me with an unsafe manner."

"To teach you stuff for when you are alone in the real world."

"It means to me that don't feel scared to tell someone when you're in an unsafe manner."

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