We’re Still going!

What an interesting year it has been. One year ago everything stopped. Schools were closed with no clear reopening plans. We had no idea even in August what our school year would look like for 2020/2021. Our “unknowns” outnumbered our “knowns”

Which is why we are so excited to report that we have been able to see students in Charlestown Middle School, Juvenile Detention Center, Crossings Christian Church, and Trimble County. We are in the process of scheduling several other school districts!

In addition, we have been working with a local elementary school teacher to bring our solutions curriculum to students online!

Spring Cleaning?

Donate your shoes to PURE!

We are collecting gently used shoes. Our fundraising campaign officially begins on Sunday, April 11,2021 and goes through June 11,2021.

  • Shoes should be in wearable condition (no holes in toes, etc.)

  • Shoes should be banded together and place in bags of 25

  • Don’t have 25 pairs? That’s fine! Just band them together and note the total on the bag

  • Contact Pure to schedule a pickup time by emailing or bring to a designated drop-off location (which will be included in the next email)

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