April 2015 Newsletter

  Product safety checklist now available

23 April 2015 by Gail Greatorex

How do managers make sure their products are safe? Product Safety Solutions has written a managers checklist to guide development, implementation and maintenance of effective product safety policy and practices across your business.

The checklist outlines the main elements in an effective product safety program. These are listed under three main headings of Strategic prevention, Forward planning and Incident response.

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TV's The Good Wife explores safety of 3D printed products

23 April 2015 by Gail Greatorex

The Good Wife is one of my favourite TV shows and it recently ran this scenario as its legal case of the day.

A man downloads the design for a plastic pistol from the internet. He then uses his 3D printer to make a gun from the design specifications. When he takes it to the indoor shooting range, the pistol misfires sending shrapnel that cripples the man in the next stall.

A lot of the show’s focus was on the impact 3D printing can have on firearm supply. But many of the issues equally apply to general consumer product safety. Where does responsibility lie for safety?


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Toy safety witness interview

23 April 2015 by Gail Greatorex

Product Safety Solutions now has its own YouTube channel!

I was lucky enough to interview long time colleague and
 toy safety guru, Ian Anderson who had reported Qantas selling banned magnetic toys. 

This is a salutary tale not just for airlines, but for all retailers and others involved in distributing consumer goods. 

In the interview Ian talks about how to avoid sourcing banned products and the importance of responding promptly if companies do get it wrong. 

You can watch the 9 minute video and read the transcript on our website.

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What's an ICPHSO?

24 April 2015 by Gail Greatorex

This newsletter is later than usual as I was travelling in the USA in March after co-presenting a session on 3D printing at the annual ICPHSO product safety symposium. 

The International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organisation might have an unwieldy title, but it actively brings together people from all sectors to work on improving product safety.
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Upcoming ACCC webinar
24 April 2015 by Gail Greatorex

The ACCC is holding a webinar on 12 May 2015 on the topic: Sourcing safe products.

Register for this free seminar at the ACCC site.

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