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I would like to wish you all the best
for the festive season and the new year

Thanks very much for your support during 2020.

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Gail Greatorex 

Everyone loves trampolines over the holidays, but please do it safely. 

The year Christmas was nearly cancelled

In many ways 2007 was a gamechanger. It was my job to help keep children safe, but toys became so hazardous we nearly had to cancel Christmas. 

It was later dubbed The Year of the Recall. Many children’s products were recalled worldwide – for risk of poisoning, ingesting very strong magnets and other serious hazards. Lead was detected in big name toys from well-known brands – even Thomas the Tank Engine toys – and people all around the world were on alert. Product safety was suddenly huge news.

In Australia, there were calls to immediately ban all toys with excessive amounts of lead. The media, politicians and agency executives were all pushing for urgent action. But, the problem of bans that take immediate effect is that retailers have no way of knowing whether products already on their shelves are compliant.

Read how Christmas was saved . . . 

    Button batteries reminder!     
If you have young children anywhere around over the holidays, please make sure all button batteries are kept well out of reach. Check any battery-operated products to make sure the batteries are truly secure.
They can be deadly if swallowed!

And strong magnets!
These little magnets do terrible damage if anyone swallows more than one. Injuries are on the rise!
Please keep well away from children.
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