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Partnership Ministries Update
Christmas 2015 - Epiphany 2016

Promises Amidst the Floods!

What an amazing proclamation – “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death, a light has dawned…. For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders…” (Isaiah 9:2,6).

It was sin that kept the people of God in darkness to His purposes, and yet repeatedly they would return to Him through sacrifice and repentance, only to sin again later. The early chapters of the Book of Isaiah vividly describe the despair of the people living in that time of darkness and hopelessness. Yet often it is in the times of darkness, that God makes His presence known to us – and now suddenly God breaks through on behalf of His people with this amazing promise. God will visit His people in person and will provide the remedy for this sin. His remedy is a government of peace and justice and righteousness that will last forever (c.f. Isaiah 9:6-7). God will come and visit His people in person and offer them His Light that will penetrate the worst darkness they could ever encounter – through the gift of His Son Jesus. This gift will carry right on into eternity. What a profound promise!

Since May, our household has experienced two floods. One was bad enough but two in such a brief timeframe certainly released some human emotions! However, we have heard of other leaders who also have had two or more floods within the same timeframe. What is even more fascinating is that several have had the same word as we have had from the Lord concerning these floods – that it is time to understand how the days of Noah apply to the 21st Century Church! 2 Peter 2 refers to Noah as a preacher of righteousness in a time of blatant unrighteousness and how God protected him in those days (c.f. 2 Peter 2:5). Noah was grieved by the circumstances that surrounded him in his day – but his focus was on fulfilling what God had asked him to do – build the Ark!

Luke 17:26-27 vividly describes the days of Noah – and the days when the Son of Man will be revealed.  Just as people carried on with life right up until Noah entered the ark, so it will be with the generation that sees the return of the Christ. Amidst corruption, violence, terrorism, lawlessness, ethical and moral breakdown, when light is called darkness, and darkness is called light – countless precursors and warnings for those who have eyes to see and ears with which to listen – suddenly He will appear.
Malachi 3:1-2 declares – “Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple…. For He will be like a refiner’s fire…” Our present day floods are a wake-up call. There are “suddenlies” taking place all over the globe today.

Zechariah was right! Chapter 9:9-12 is all about the coming of the King! The Servant King came just at the right moment of history when humanity was in despair and hopelessness seemed to prevail. But suddenly the long expected and hoped-for Messiah was born in our midst… “See your king comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey…. He will proclaim peace to the nations. His rule will extend from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth…Return to your fortress O prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you…”

2015 has been a profound year of shift on earth! Almost every level of life has been utterly shaken and turned upside down. We are in the days of Noah as referred to in the New Testament! The Lord is getting our attention. However, we can choose to see all that is happening through the lens of hopelessness - or - through the lens of the Holy Spirit and see that the Lord is preparing us for that amazing moment of history when He returns for His people. The words of Zechariah 2:13 are penetrating – “Be still before the Lord, all mankind, because He has roused Himself from His holy dwelling.” We need to ensure that the Ark is ready– many are turning to the Lord today – and many more will be turning in 2016 – our testimony becomes the Ark in the midst of many floods.

                         What Has Been Happening in Partnership Ministries?

It has been an amazing year of ministry – and we could not have done this without your faithful prayers and encouragement. Since our last update in June we have returned to Kentucky spending time with the people of Manchester and Harrodsburg as they continue to work and pray towards God’s ongoing transforming work in their midst. The testimonies are real. Watch for an upcoming blog covering a brief interview with Doug Abner and Rick Curry who share how the God of History prepares His people for Divine Visitation.

Several new Blog updates will be added to our website over the next several weeks – keep checking in!

Following this remarkable visit, we spent time in Adelaide and Brisbane, Australia working with leaders and intercessors in those respective cities. While in Adelaide the Lord ministered in an amazing way and on our Blog you will hear what we term as the “new sound” the Lord is releasing through praise and worship. Very impacting!

Then we spent time with leaders in Rochester – watch this city! – God is moving as in the days of historical revival and clearly a new well has been uncovered. Spending further time in 108 Mile Ranch in BC and Nova Scotia - (again check our blog early in 2016 for another insight into this new sound of the Lord heard during one of our times of worship) - we then returned for 3 impacting weeks in Northern Ireland.
Several of you were praying for our time there, especially as we visited Drumcree which has a history of great unrest during the “troubles” many years ago. The local church there is sounding a clear call from the Lord and it will be a privilege to return there in 2016 for a proposed seminar on transformational revival. These are amazing people - but they worship an amazing God. Again, have a look at our Blog in the coming weeks for pictures that give testimony of our time there.

Then we returned to Israel – a journey never to be forgotten. Spending time in various Messianic Congregations was in itself a huge privilege – and knowing there are over 15,000 Messianic believers who are able to welcome Yeshua back to Jerusalem is highly significant when we consider end-time events. One of the most amazing moments for us was attending a joint service with Christian Arabs, Messianic Jews, and Gentile believers. This is an annual service which on this occasion literally took place “in the woods” – and it was attended by hundreds of people. Clearly this must be a glimpse into what worship will be like in eternity. Again, watch for a forthcoming blog update on this which catches a sense of this amazing time. I will never forget being on the Golan Heights – right beside U.N. Observers – looking over Israel at Syria in the distance and hearing the sound of gunfire (see image below). Here, right in front of us, real drama was taking place over this area of “Divine Real Estate”. Our blog captures some of these pictures. Being there places the daily news right in front of you – but frames it with a Biblical interpretation that utterly changes the secular interpretation of current global events.

Then for our last few days in Israel, we stayed in an Inn right in the place which today is called Abu Ghosh, where David placed the ark of God with his friend Obed-Edom while he went to research the correct protocol for bringing the presence of the Lord into the city. There is a tangible presence of the Lord in Abu Ghosh, even to this day. Check our upcoming blog for pictures and a video clip.
For the month of November, we were back in the UK speaking at various venues throughout England and Scotland. The devastating events in Paris occurred during this time – again another event that is shaping life today within the global arena. We are going to have to choose whether we react to the fear of man – or whether we respond in the Fear of the Lord and ensure the lens of the Holy Spirit is filtering all that we are seeing and experiencing today. The events of today are not new to the Lord!


What’s Next?


In January we spend time with our friends Steve and Nancy Fry at The Gate near Nashville and then on to Kansas City. Then later in January we are returning to Pensacola in Florida and then also sharing in a seminar hosted by Ellel Ministries in Florida, near Orlando, February 5th-6th for a weekend seminar on Extraordinary Intercession. Please check out the Ellel website ( for more details. From there we return to Chico, California (February 8th – 12th).

In March we will be participating in 2 venues in Virginia – one in Charlottesville, and then a second seminar with our friends at Intercessors For America (March 11th – 12th).

In April (14th – 17th) we return to Hungary for a conference hosted by Ellel East entitled Living For God in a Hostile World – What it means to be Living on the Edge in 2016. Leaders and participants from Bulgaria and other Eastern nations will also be joining us.

We then return to the USA April 26th – May 10th for our next return visit to Manchester, Harrodsburg and Paducah in Kentucky. Again check our website for more details as they develop. God is at work in all these cities and it is a huge privilege to be participating with the leaders in these various areas. 

Later we will provide another update for the rest of the year which will see us back with our friends at Ellel West (Calgary), then on to Ellel Pierrepont in Surrey, England for our next Living on the Edge Seminar there – followed by a return to Norwich, England where we are seeing a remarkable template of Transformational Revival emerging. Then on to Australia for the latter part of July and into mid-August – this time spending time with YWAM Perth and then other city leaders in that amazing city.  We will then carry on to Melbourne and finally back to Brisbane. The rest of the year will have us back in Oban, Scotland, then for our next Leading From the Front Leadership Course at Blairmore House in Scotland – October 5th – 12th. This past year was full and so we have agreed to at least one further School – so don’t forget to sign up while there is still room!


Partnership Ministries Web Calendar


Don’t forget to have a look at our web calendar where all our venues for 2016 are listed. From time to time we send out prayer updates – let us know if you would like to be included in these occasional updates from the field. Also, our web blog often has field updates including pictures and brief videos, and we will be updating this section shortly after this edition of our newsletter has been posted over the next few weeks.  We also hope to have further additions to our FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions).

Our new book In Holy Fear – has now been published for a few months and we are thrilled to see the impact it is having upon many communities. On Monday morning, January 25th I am being interviewed by Paul Arthur on the Miracle Channel (via Skype) – there will be time for live questions – if you have not yet had an opportunity to read this book – you can find it in your local Christian bookstore – on Amazon, Kindle and other E book sources, or via our website where all our available resources are listed.

2016 - And Beyond

Hosea 10:12 holds both a challenge and a promise for us. In the context of the whole verse, we are urged to sow righteousness in all that we do and reap the fruit of unfailing love. If we sow into our lives and work God’s righteousness, the harvest will be His unfailing love. But we are urged to go further and break up unplowed (fallow) ground – new territory –  and position ourselves for all the Lord yet has to do in and through us. These are days of extraordinary shift and change, and it is essential that we choose to seek Him in the midst of all that is unfolding in front of us, in order to gain His insight and understanding.

New territorynew positioning – seeing through the lens of the Holy Spirit. Storms will undoubtedly be on the increase in the coming days – indeed all the issues that define the “Days of Noah” in the 21st Century. On January 1st 2015 – Marie and I were seeking the Lord’s counsel about the New Year and clearly He spoke about Nahum 2:1 – a verse providing significant insight into the days that lay ahead during this past year.

The verse says clearly that we are to GUARD the Fortress - we are to steward what He has entrusted to us and not to let go of our foundations that lead towards hopelessness and despair. Exodus 15:3 reminds us that the Lord is a Warrior – and He wars on behalf of those who are His people. Let’s not forget the “bigness” of God even in the midst of flash floods! He has given to us the necessary tools and weapons for this type of warfare (cf. 2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

Then we are to WATCH the Road. This means vigilance – and not swaying with the thinking of the world. We are to have our eyes fixed on the One who has gone ahead of us – preparing the way on our behalf (Hebrews 12:2). But this also means being aware of any distractions or obstructions that may try and blind us from seeing clearly.

Then we are to BRACE ourselves. Let’s be frank – we are going to have impact along the road if we are going to see the Kingdom advancing and new ground being ploughed for the Lord’s purposes in this day and age. A seat belt is a necessary piece of equipment in most vehicles just in case there is an issue that may confront us. It keeps us in place! The Lord is preparing us in advance.

Finally, we are to MARSHALL all our Strength. This is a military word – one based on training and equipping and preparation. We need to walk with others who will enhance our strengths and protect us in our times of vulnerability. Where two or three are gathered in His Name….He will be with them (cf. Matthew 18:20). An amazing promise – with amazing resources - an Amazing God – who has roused Himself and is preparing to return for His people.

May 2016 be an amazing year of breakthrough for us all! Remember – Guard – Watch – Brace – and Marshall.

Your Prayers and Support

As a ministry we could not do what we do without your amazing encouragement and support and prayers. Thank you so very much from all of us at Partnership Ministries. May the writer to Hebrews encourage us with these very encouraging words and promises which we read in Hebrews 6:3

“Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.”

We cherish your prayers for our travel safety (more uncertain than ever in this day and age) – for our health – fresh anointing in our teachings – and for the safe arrival of our luggage!

In order for us to do what needs to be done with the mandate the Lord has given us for 2016 – we will need your prayers and your help. We need to purchase new office equipment as well as subsidize several of our mission and ministry trips.  If you are able to make an end of year contribution to the ministry, we would be very grateful, and as a registered Canadian charity, we are able to provide end of year tax-deductible receipts. This can be done either on-line via our website - or by sending gifts to our ministry address:-

(Partnership Ministries, P.O. Box 25103 – Mission Park PO, Kelowna, BC, Canada V1W 3Y7) 

Our Board and family join Marie and me in extending our prayers and blessings and love to you all for this Christmas and Epiphany season, and as we prepare for all He has waiting for us throughout 2016.

Alistair & Marie Petrie

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