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Detailed Updates

*Starting in 2016, we will be sending our detailed updates on a quarterly basis. Please contact us if you have any questions.

November 2015

Blog Posts
Online Tools and Resources for Nonprofits
Six Steps to Self-Evaluation
3 Simple Ways to Understand User Behavior
Increase Your Impact with Google's Ad Grants
Introducing the EAA Research Library
ACE Interviews: Nikki Bollaert
Advocacy Advice Month Retrospective

Conversations & Interviews
ACE Interviews: Dr. Anthony Nocella II

December 2015

Blog Posts
The Process Leading to our 2015 Recommendations
Updated Recommendations: December 2015
Things that Surprised Us About the December 2015 Recommendation Process
ACE Interviews: Anthony Nocella
Social Movements Case Study: Children's Rights
Where ACE Staff are Giving and Why
Foundational Questions in Effective Animal Advocacy
Updated: Double Your Impact in 2015

Organization Reviews
Animal Welfare Institute
Centre for Animals and Social Justice
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Toronto Pig Save
Sentience Politics
Animals Australia
Animal Equality
Animal Ethics
Mercy For Animals
New Harvest
Nonhuman Rights Project
The Humane League

Updated Top Charities Review Summaries
Animal Equality
Mercy For Animals
The Humane League

Conversations & Interviews
ACE Interviews: Nikki Bollaert
Jesse Marks, Animals Australia
Sharon Nunez-Gough and Thomas Hecquet, Animal Equality
Leah McKelvie and Oscar Horta, Animal Ethics
Dil Peeling, Compassion in World Farming
Che Green, Faunalytics
Nick Cooney, Mercy For Animals
Isha Datar, New Harvest
Steven Wise and Natalie Prosin, NhRP
Aaron Ross, The Humane League
Ana Ortega, The Humane League
Andrea Gunn, The Humane League
Clare Farrow, The Humane League
Rachel Huff-Wagenborg, The Humane League
Quilla Park, The Humane League
David Coman-Hidy, The Humane League

Research Documents
Animals Australia Cost Effectiveness Estimate
Animal Equality Assessment Data
Animal Equality Budget and Outcomes (2014-2015)
Animal Equality Cost Effectiveness Estimate
Animal Ethics Cost Effectiveness Estimate
Animal Ethics 2015 Strategic Plan
Animal Ethics 2016 Strategic Plan
Animal Ethics 2015 Breakdown
Animal Ethics 2015 Data
Faunalytics Cost Effectiveness Estimate
Faunalytics Self-Calculated Cost Effectiveness Estimate
Faunalytics Medium Review Response
Faunalytics Self-Evaluation Based on ACE's Criteria
Mercy For Animals Expenses
Mercy For Animals Data Collection
Mercy For Animals Cost Effectiveness Estimate
New Harvest Email with Isha Datar
NhRP Email from Steven Wise
THL Site Visit: Leafleting 
THL Site Visit: Humane Education Recap
THL Site Visit: Warped Tour
THL 2015 Budget Information
THL 2014 Cost Effectiveness Estimate
THL 2015 Cost Effectiveness Estimate
THL Q1-Q3 2015 Accomplishments

Other Additions and Changes
Details about our December 2015 recommendation process page added
Additions to list of organizations
Updated online ads calculator
Updated leafleting calculator
Revised research page
Added all new conversations and interviews

Added to Archives
December 2014 Animals Australia Review
December 2014 Animal Equality Review
December 2014 Mercy For Animals Review
December 2014 New Harvest Review
December 2014 The Humane League Review
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