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ACE Monthly Newsletter

February 2019

Recommended Charity Fund: Biannual Update

From helping to pass one of the strongest animal welfare measures in history to securing significant corporate commitments for animal welfare improvements, our recommended charities have made significant strides in helping animals around the globe. Learn more about their achievements in our biannual update!

Apply for Research Funding!

The Animal Advocacy Research Fund is currently accepting proposals for the next round of funding. See which areas of research we are particularly interested in and remember to apply by March 31st.

Open Cages’ Approach to Salary Transparency

According to Dobrosława Gogłoza, president of the Polish animal protection organization Otwarte Klatki (Open Cages) and the CEO of Anima International, it is easier to motivate people if you offer flat and transparent pay schemes. In this latest guest post, Gogloza shares the rationale behind salary transparency and why more organizations should implement this system.

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