Seeking external reviewers, recommended charity updates, and a new strategy for wild animal suffering reduction.
ACE Monthly Newsletter

August 2019

Recommended Charity Fund: Six Month Update

In January, thanks to the generous support of donors to ACE’s Recommended Charity Fund, we distributed $90,754 to our 2018 Top and Standout Charities. From opposing label censorship bills to securing progressive animal welfare commitments, we are thrilled to share each charity's update on how they’ve used their grants to help reduce animal suffering!

Why is Welfare Biology Important?

As Persis Eskander, Executive Director of Wild-Animal Suffering Research, once stated: “The argument for addressing [wild animal suffering] is clear. What is less clear is how we should address it.” In our latest blog post, ACE Researcher Maria Salazar makes a case for welfare biology and its potential to be the best course of action to reduce wild animal suffering.

ACE is Seeking External Reviewers!

We are currently looking for people who are interested in occasionally reviewing and critiquing our research content. If you’d like to contribute your time and knowledge, please complete the external reviewer sign-up form.

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