Animal advocacy in Brazil, 2019 Guide to Giving, and a new white paper!
ACE Monthly Newsletter

May 2019

Photo of white chicken in field under blue skies

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Animal Advocacy in Brazil

We recently published a report on animal agriculture and advocacy in Brazil. The report aims to improve our understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that farmed animal advocates face in the region.

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Guide to Effective Giving

Check out our 2019 Guide to Effective Giving, a booklet that features our recommended charities and discusses the impact of their work. If you'd like some copies for distribution, please let us know!

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Operations White Paper

Our Director of Operations, Gina Stuessy, has created a guide to the essential operational responsibilities of nonprofits. This white paper should be especially useful for people who are entering operations roles and for employees at new organizations.

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Upcoming Events

Over the next few months, the ACE team will be attending a number of conferences. First up is EA Global in San Francisco—we hope to see you there! Check out our team page for staff bios and contact information.

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