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Hello Art Lovers!

Just a quick note to let you know that my entire shop has FREE shipping right now. Simply use the code FREESHIP during checkout. At the moment there are 98 items available in shop. I've got everything from one of a kind original paintings and limited edition prints to stickers and buttons to shirts and hand painted hats. That's right, hand painted hats because everybody needs to wear a painting on their head. There is quite a mix of fun artsy stuff at the moment. Please check it all out at:

That's it! That's the whole email.

But I'm going to keep typing in case you were thinking, "Geez...I sure wish he had more to say. He has such a way with words. His emails bring such joy to my life I could read them all day long." If that's you, buckle up and away we go...

First, if you follow me on social media and the algorithm has been nice enough to show you my posts then you will probably know everything I'm going to say.

Let's rewind to December 2020. After 5 years of having our shop, Viva Paso, our lease was up and we chose not to renew. If you went by our old Pine St. location and could not find us, that's why. Most of 2021 was spent catching up on house projects that had been put on the back burner for years. Then, in December, we found a new location on Spring St in Paso Robles.

Come by and check it out! We are now at:
1628 Spring St - Paso Robles - CA
Hours are Wed-Sat, 11am-5pm.

We're stoked to have a new place. It's got a parking lot, so there is plenty of free parking, which is something that does not exist downtown anymore. 

Should I keep going? 
Ok, why not. I've already broken every mass email rule. 
Maybe I should call it a "newsletter" instead of an email? I wonder if that would make this rambling more acceptable. Anyway...

I started a new diet for 2022. Except it's less of a diet and more of a way to get myself to make more artwork. I've been doing these "art drops" every other Wednesday all year. I've only missed one so far due to poor planning when I was out of town. Basically, an art drop is a way to release a new product or a whole new series of work all at once. I'm a real fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy, so I would normally finish a painting and put it online as soon as possible. Post one here, post one there. Totally random, with no schedule. To me, it seemed like it would be more fun for fans and collectors to see a bunch of new stuff all at once. In case you missed the previous drops here's a quick breakdown.
Drop #1 - Series of 22 NFT's featuring my "Some Bitch Stole My Lunch Money" character. (NFT's are a whole other thing we can talk about later.)
Drop #2 - "Responsibility Is For Losers" monoprint edition of 10.
Drop #3 - Die Cut Sticker Pack
Drop #4 - 10 Wine Stained Paintings
Drop #5 - 10 Watercolor & Ink Paintings
Drop #6 - 10 One Of Kind Hand Painted Hats
Drop #7 - 22 Mini Canvas Paintings
Drop #8 - 8 Hand Painted Paint Cans
Drop #9 - 4 New Greeting Card Designs
Drop #10 - 7 New Original Paintings
Drop #11 - This one drops today! I'm still working on it, so the "official" drop time is "later".

This whole drop thing has certainly helped me be more productive and focused.

Remember earlier when I mentioned free parking? Well, a couple of weekends ago we took over the parking lot and hosted our first Viva Art Market. We had 12 vendors showing off and selling their goods. It reminded me of back in the day when I used to host those group art shows. It was a lot of fun bringing artists and patrons together again. We might do more in the future, so be on the lookout. For now, here's a quick video of the market.

Well, this is now the end of the email/newsletter. Still not sure where we landed on that, so let's just stick with "email" this time around. Anyway, I have definitely outstayed my welcome here in your inbox and my fingers have typed all the type they are able to type.

Thank you so much for reading all of this!
Remember, you could have stopped after the first paragraph when I was all, "That's it! That's the whole email." I really appreciate you sticking around though.

This time, it's true. It really is the end of the email.

Thanks again!
- Jeff "Needs A Nap" Claassen

Instagram: @jeffclaassen

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