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Hello! I hope you are doing well. Yes, this is the second email this month and I hope staying in touch like this is something I can keep up with. I know every time I send an email some of you unsubscribe and that's fine. I get it. Trust me, I get a fair share or mass emails too. I also get emails from Gap almost every day and I really only order jeans from them maybe once every two years, but it's nice to know when I can get a deal. Anyway...

Although most of us are on Facebook and/or Instagram I feel like a lot of what I post there gets missed. It's so easy to scroll past things when there is so much content being posted every single minute. I'm hoping that by being more consistent with sending emails less things will get missed and I can keep you better informed with what's going on, new artwork, special deals, etc. 

I have more to say, but I know you're busy, so before I get too wordy I just want to tell you about the "New Releases" page I just added to my shop. It's pretty self-explanatory, but with the added bonus that when new items go up I will be offering EARLYBIRD discounts. 

Right now you can get 15% off ALL items on the New Releases page. Enter code EARLYBIRD at checkout and you're good to go. To kick off this new addition to the site there are 4 new original paintings, 2 limited edition prints and 2 card cases available. 

To check it all out visit:
At checkout use code: EARLYBIRD

Ok, now that the wheelin' and dealin' is out of the way there are a few more things I wanted to say. If you are curious what is up with all the recent deals here's the scoop. For one, I like hooking people up. And two, the shopping cart system I use started charging a monthly fee for the option to use sale codes. I know, I's crazy, but now that I've paid the fee I need to put the feature to good use. 

Next up, I have a couple of limited editions that are almost sold out. Remember, once they are gone they are gone forever. Here they are:
"Compliments Don't Pay The Bills" - 8" x 8", edition of 50. ONLY 4 LEFT. 
"Lovesick Sea Creatures" - 5" x 7", edition of 50. ONLY 6 LEFT.

That's all, folks!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this.

If you find yourself in Paso Robles remember to visit my shop, Viva Paso, and say hi. The artwork is always more fun to see in person and there are things in the shop that I never put online, like framed prints, matted prints, and sometimes other random things that don't photograph well for online browsing or they just make more sense in person. 

1211 Pine St in downtown Paso Robles.
10:30am-6pm every day.

Thanks again!
- Jeff

Instagram: @jeffclaassen

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