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Black Women Birthing Justice
Issue #7 - Winter 2016

Special Issue: Celebrating the publication of BWBJ's new book

Inside this Issue... Peek inside Birthing Justice... Host a Kitchen Table Reading Circle... Free Birthing Justice Discussion Guide... A Call to Action to Black Birth Workers... Black women and prematurity... Highlights of 2015


Now available for purchase!

Peek inside BWBJ's new book
Read forewords by veteran midwife Shafia Monroe and birth justice scholar Jeanne Flavin.
Get hooked on our Introduction by Julia Chinyere Oparah "Beyond Coercion and Malign Neglect: Black Women and the Struggle for Birth Justice"

Click here to purchase Birthing Justice.

Host a Kitchen Table Reading Circle

Kitchen Circle Reading Circles are intimate, safe spaces where we can share our own experiences and explore how they connect to birth justice. When you and 5 friends or colleagues purchase at least 4 copies and read the book together, we will thank you by sending a special BWBJ gift (while supplies last). Just send us your location, names and email addresses for your Reading Circle members and a photo of your group holding the books.


If you are one of the first 10 groups to register, one of the editors or contributors will Skype in to one of your Kitchen Table Reading Circle sessions to chat with you about the book.

Click here to learn more and register.

Free Discussion Guide available for download!

With photos and messages from the editors and contributors, the Birthing Justice Discussion Guide contains questions to spark deep engagement with the book.

Use it to guide your own reading, or to share in a reading circle. A great resource for educators!

Click here to download the Discussion Guide.
A Call to Action
to Black Birth Workers!

by Sierra McClain-Henry

Before I am a doula, I am a Black woman living in America. I can walk away from this profession today, but, I will still be a Black woman living in America. The day to day struggles of my sisters in this country resonate with me, because they are the stories of my family, friends and even my own life story…

Click here to read more about Sierra's journey as a mama warrior and doula. 

Toward a New Narrative of Black Women, Birthing and Prematurity

1 in 10 babies born worldwide are born prematurely. Of these, around 1 million babies die from complications due to prematurity. More than three quarters of these babies could be saved through better access to quality care and medicines. Learn what doulas can do about prematurity from birth justice diva Monica McLemore!

Click here to read more.

BWBJ looks back: Highlights of 2015

BWBJ is a volunteer-run collective. We are proud of our many achievements during 2015. Highlights include:

We recorded our 100th birth story by black women in California: we hope to launch a report and campaign based on the women's testimonies in 2016!

After raising over $5,000 through a kickstarter campaign to make it possible, we published our book with a major press 

We spoke about our action research for birth justice on a plenary at the ICTC conference, with headliner Erykah Badu!

We launched published 10 blogs by powerful black women activists, doulas, midwives and mamas, many of which received over 3,000 hits on our Facebook page.

We spoke on a plenary at the Birthkeeper Summit, hosted a workshop on Decolonizing Childbirth at the Empowering Women of Color Conference and spoke at Scripps College.

We hosted a powerful and moving graduation ceremony for our 16 new doula trainees, in partnership with the Birth Justice Project and UCSF. 

Thank you for your support! We could not have done it without you. If you would like to donate toward continuing the work in 2016, please contact us.

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