Week 3 ... Hot, dry, and light air
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GCSC Spin B Crew Call

Week 3 of 30  ["Captain Vic's blog notes"]

Naples Spin B Training Camp

So OK ... for a couple of weeks we have had hot summer-like conditions, but without a decent on shore breeze.  All TK did was raise pole and raise spin .. and eat all food on boat. We motored back to the pass in near glassy conditions.  

Highlight of the day was seeing the fisherman who was casting his net for bait at the GP marker pull up a 2+ ft round sting ray in addition to a bunch of bait.   He was surprised, but managed to get the ray out of the net and overboard in seconds.  We were surprised he handled that ray so well and he kept all of the bait on board.   This guy is a pro.

Unfortunately we are running really crew shy for the race this weekend and will not compete, but will still plan on going out for a spin run ... if enough crew answers this call.

I will try to send out this crew call every week or so ... if you are available this coming weekend or in the near future, our spin program runs about 4 hours leaving from Naples City Dock. Get in touch with us to work into our upcoming schedule!!!  We will decide whether to participate in regattas depending on how many crewpeople are available a couple weeks before the regatta!!!

There are 3 regattas coming up. Depending on crew available, Vee Jay will try to participate. 

11/16-17 MIYC Fall Avow Regatta Marco Island

12/14 NYC  Naples Offshore Naples-Boca Grande-Naples

1/04 NSYC  New Year’s Cup Naples

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