Week 9 ... Really Great Conditions
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GCSC Spin B Crew Call

Week 9 of 30  ["Captain Vic's blog notes"]

Naples Spin B Training Camp

OK ... we got 3 out of 4 days out on the Gulf last weekend with decently strong wind and pretty flat water. The Video gives a pretty good idea of how the program is running. Continuing a tradition from the past five years, Vee Jay flew its Xmas spin on Thanksgiving Day weekend. The spin design is a copy of the design of a Christmas Seal stamp logo. This spin is over 40 years old and heavy duty ... it was ideal for the strong wind and flat seas this last weekend.  We spun along the beach from Dr. Pass to Gordon Pass to give the beach people an idea that there are sailboats out on the Gulf. [That is to say there were very few boats other than Vee Jay out.]  

We will be out again on Saturday Dec. 7 for a spin run. Amazingly some of our crew is going north for the holidays so crew continues to be shy.

But on Sunday Dec. 8, the Gulf Coast Sailing Club has a special program at Lake Avalon which has been a real treat with open sailing on a number of their boats including Precisions, 420s ... and Optis for the kids. More Information click here.  and RSVP directly.

Xmas break is coming up and we are planning to be out every day we can pull together enough crew.
Get in touch with us to work into our upcoming schedule!!! 

There are 2 regattas coming up.

12/14 NYC  Naples Offshore Naples-Boca Grande-Naples [Vee Jay now scheduled for this race. but could use additional crew for the all day off shore race to Caxambas and back.]

1/04 NSYC  New Year’s Cup Naples

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