Week 4 ... Getting Scary
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GCSC Spin B Crew Call

Week 4 of 30  ["Captain Vic's blog notes"]

Naples Spin B Training Camp

Duh ... So OK ... for a couple of weeks we have had hot summer-like conditions, but without a decent on shore breeze. This continued this last weekend. With our winter crew not here yet, we didn't race in the Commodore's Cup, although we did get out for spin runs on Sat. and Sun.  We were really surprised on Sunday, as it was hardly 1 pm and the racing fleet took off back to the pass. We were spinning ~3 kts with the light spin up sailing over to say hello to the RC boat stationed off Keewaydin Beach.

We had no idea they were escaping from a very large swarm of moon jellies [see photos above] with some box jellies mixed in.   See this link for what a box jelly looks like, we couldn't get a shot of the boxes as they move faster than the moons. http://www.beachhunter.net/video/Box-jellyfish-movie.3gp

The moons looked about 1.5 to 2.5 feet across, the boxes had about 6 in. bodies with tentacles trailing.  While the moons have a mild sting, the boxes are said to be a real problem. We only noticed them as the wind dropped for a short time to glass. There were a lot of them and they were swarming south ...  or just maybe the current was taking them south.

We will be out again this weekend, and always looking for crew to spin with.

I will try to send out this crew call every week or so ... if you are available this coming weekend or in the near future, our spin program runs about 4 hours leaving from Naples City Dock. Get in touch with us to work into our upcoming schedule!!!  We will decide whether to participate in regattas depending on how many crewpeople are available a couple weeks before the regatta!!!

There are 3 regattas coming up. Depending on crew available, Vee Jay will try to participate. 

11/16-17 MIYC Fall Avow Regatta Marco Island

12/14 NYC  Naples Offshore Naples-Boca Grande-Naples

1/04 NSYC  New Year’s Cup Naples

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