Week 16 ... Always New Ventures,
Racing with Tri, Skateboarding ... 
Pilot Whales Lost Their Way     


GCSC Spin B Crew Call

Week 16 of 30  ["Captain Vic's blog notes"]

Naples Spin B Training Camp

     Busy weekend tuning up against a trimaran, and being locked outside Gordon Pass while they escorted a couple of dozen Pilot Whales back to the Gulf. Sad to see that it looks like most of these Whales were sick and didn't make it back out to the deep water of the Gulf 30+ miles off shore.  On Sunday Aaron brought his skate board with him as it was his preferred method of landside transportation ... so preferred that he packed it in his luggage flying down from Fairbanks, AK.   So we had two firsts for Vee Jay ... Whales and skateboard.

We are always looking for crew ... get in touch with us to work into our schedule!!! 
Currently we are looking to sail this weekend as long as it is sunny and we have enough crew.


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