In which she is brave and asked for help...
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<<First Name>> I've always struggled with the Art of Asking

I'm not good at asking for help.  I've long been independent and a "I'll do it, I'll survive on my own" kinda girl. But this project is really teaching me that unless I bring the community with me, and have their help it just won't work. Eeeppp.

So here I am humbly and transparently asking for your help. So far I've self funded the whole Queer Tarot project, which wasn't an issue at the time. I had a 4 day a week, really really well paying job I could rely on, & I was freelancing on top of that, so all my freelance money went into this project and I didn't have to worry about paying rent. 

That's changed, on the 15th of January my job made me redundant. It has been a blessing, I needed that extra time to get the Melbourne Tarot Exhibition off the ground, printing, editing and getting the final photos ready.  But it also means now I have to survive off my freelance income AND pay for the remaining Queer Tarot Exhibitions, in Sydney and Daylesford.  Each one is roughly $500-600 in venue hire, not to mention the fees the festivals have charged for the events to be listed.  I'm not complaining here, I want to be honest with you.

The Melbourne Queer Tarot Exhibition for Midsumma festival didn't make money, and I need your help and financial support so I can still go ahead with the remaining exhibitions.  I've thought about starting a Patreon account, so that every tarot card that gets produced will be shared that way.  I think I will eventually look at that more seriously, but at this point I don't want a payment gateway between you and seeing the art work I'm creating.  I'm trusting you believe in this project to understand that if I'm asking for help I mean it.

I'm still shooting lots of new Tarot cards, so the collection still is growing.   Not only that, I'm relocating to Canada.  It is my passion to see this project include people not just from Australia and New Zealand - but every country I can get to.

Your support purchasing Queer Tarot Postcard set is greatly appreciated!
31 Queer Tarot Post Cards
31 Queer Tarot Post Cards

Support the project & own a set of the Tarot cards as where they are at now – post card size, 31 of the currently produced Queer Tarot cards.
Included in this set are all the Major Arcana except the Emperor and Judgement cards as we are about to shoot those cards this month. The Final Oracle deck will end up being 36-40 cards at this rate with all the multiples of cards that people have chosen to tell their stories through.  Purchasing this set will support the Melbourne, Sydney and Daylesford Queer Tarot Exhibitions.

Queer Tarot is a multi-media project, telling stories of the queer community through Tarot. The Queer Tarot deck will represent a broad spectrum of our gender and sexual identities, telling our stories through  Tarot archetypes.

Get your set of Queer Tarot Post cards here.
What do the post cards look like? Let me show you.
Click to check out the newly uploaded Queer Tarot Cards
Thanks for reading this letter, asking for help.  This was a much bigger deal to do for me, than it probably is for you to read and support this work - I really appreciate your contribution, love, encouragement and financial support. Truely.
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